why is it important to mask our facial expressions How To Read Body Language: Interpreting Body Language Signs For Better Communication

why is it important to mask our facial expressions How To Read Body Language:  Interpreting Body Language Signs For Better Communication
It is important to know how to read body language, because non-verbal cues are usually more than one says verbally.These non-verbal cues can even be used to detect whether a person is lying.However, the intention to know how to read body language stems from the desire to understand the deep motives of others.Translating body language can help you break the barriers to communication.It gives you an idea of the best way to approach someone and provides insight into the other person's thoughts or future actions.It lets you know how they will react to suggestions.Learning how to read body language is essential not only for those who wish to build a relationship, but also for those who wish to develop an existing relationship.The ability to read body language further contributes to effective communication.One way to read body language effectively is through people's eyes.According to the study, mydriasis shows an interest in the topic of a person's opponent's head.The direction of the eye gaze is also an indicator of how they feel.When a person is full of guilt, he usually stands;They tend to look down when they feel shy.But like other signals, it can also be explained in different ways.A person's hands can also greatly express his inner feelings and mental state.A common explanation for Palm opening is that a person feels relaxed.When a person's palm or hand is opened, their defense is reduced.Here's how to read body language by observing a person's legs.You may not be aware of this, but the position of a person's posture and legs is an indicator of their level of confidence.If one stands shoulder to shoulderIn addition to the width, this means they are in a relaxed state.If it's wider than that, then that means they're in control.At the same time, if a person crosses his legs while standing, it may mean that they are shy.There are different explanations for the position of sitting down the leg.Crossing the legs means that the person is in a state of protection.Cross legs usually have cross arms.One person's eyebrows are another very expressive feature of the face.Raised eyebrows indicate shock or surprise, while sliding the eyebrows up or down whenever greeting someone is a way to acknowledge their presence.It may seem tricky at first, but it can be fun to learn how to explain various body signals.What's more, knowing how to read body language can give you a better understanding of what the other person means than what they say verbally.
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