why is it important to mask our facial expressions How to Smile

why is it important to mask our facial expressions How to Smile
From the time we were children, we learned the great spirit of smiling, whether it was our own works of art and the joy we felt, or the performance of the clown, we realize the satisfaction of smiling.Smile is one of the biggest features of a person. it is important for each of us to learn to smile in life.Smiling will also attract others to us.A smile is a force that allows one to move from the most difficult moments of life to hope.If you have not yet learned how to develop all your powerful smiles, then you will definitely want to read the guide below, as it will not only help to teach you how to cultivate your smiles, it also helps to tell you why it is so important to smile.Smile should be part of everyday life and definitely need to learn if you don't know how to smile yet.Is there the right way to smile or the wrong way?Absolutely not.Some people must have a stronger smile, but there is no right way to smile, and there is no wrong way.However, false smiles often do more harm than good, when you are suddenly considered to be someone who has lost the trust of another person who has lost the "everything is so hypocritical" smile you created.We have all experienced the false smile of another person, and our idea is immediately "where does she/he come from?"Don't be one of these people.There are 19 kinds of changes in smile, 16 of which are produced by pleasant emotions.The trick is to cultivate a sincere, trusting smile and also hope that the people around you will smile.Recognize the benefits of a smile and pay attention to the steps to learn how to smile so that you can start enjoying the benefits of your brilliant smile.First of all, let's start with a few benefits of smiling.1.Improve your physical beauty.
2.Smile is more valuable than words.
3.Smile builds trust and rapport with others.
4.Smile makes you feel brighter.Now that you know some of the benefits of smiling, it's time to learn how to smile.The first step is to feel comfortable with a smile.Practice if you are not used to smiling.Smile, whether you have a perfect smile or not, always looks better than a straight face, it is important that a smile will make you feel good about yourself and the people around you.Another advantage of smiling is that the wrinkles of smiling are always more attractive.There is something to say for people with smiling lines, because you know it's a person who enjoys and appreciates life.Smile will also make you a real person.So let's practice your sincere smile.When you have a real smile, your face and personality will have a certain brilliance, which others will not only see in your smile, but also in your eyesWhen you smile, think about sincere thoughts for sincere smile.Happy thoughts that make you want to smile.Maybe you're talking to someone, focusing on what makes you happy and smiling at them.But be sincere.You don't want someone to wonder why you smile if they tell you a heartbreaking story.Having a love and admiration for others makes it much easier to smile in a friendly, sincere way.You also want to learn how to make your eyes smile.This may need to be practiced in the mirror, however, it is definitely something worth the time.Practice lighting your eyes with a smile.Think about how you feel, what muscles you use.Practice, practice, practice, and make your eyes smile naturally when you smile.You know, when you suddenly capture the ability to make your eyes shine with a smile, it is a quality that can capture the hearts of many people around you.Learn to smile.It is true that in your life, sometimes emotions fill you with so much joy that you just smile.But we need to smile every day, we need confidence to smile.Learn about your smile and what works best for you.To do this, browse through the album and find out what your best smile is.Practice it when you find your best smile.Use the mirror, recognize your feelings and muscles on your face as you practice smiling, and make it a natural smile.Another important thing when you smile is that you should have a good breath.Nothing is worse than a person with a big smile and smell.Do daily cleaning, floss and brushes here or there and breathe mint for sure won't hurt you!
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