why is it important to mask our facial expressions How To Stop Blushing When You're Under Pressure

why is it important to mask our facial expressions How To Stop Blushing When You\'re Under Pressure
An unusual fact of blushing is that it is unique to human beings.Darwin described blushing as "the most unique and human of all expressions ".Why are you blushing?The reason for blushing is different;As the center of attention, someone praised you and was threatened?I know I blushed the most when I was told I was going to turn red.I just felt more optimistic a minute ago.Blushing is a natural way for the body to express emotions.It's a shame or embarrassment for most people.There is no doubt, however, that for serious blushes (we are not talking about a rose-colored glow, but a strong flash of sugar beets), the change in the color of this skin may be overwhelming.It's not surprising that so many students attending my confidence course asked me how to stop blushing.The embarrassment caused by blushing creates a vicious circle.You blushed, you get embarrassed, you make the ads that blush permanent until you can escape the scene.Does blushing change what others think of you?Does that mean people will think you're shy or lack self-confidence because you're blushing?Not necessarily.In some cases, the person who blushes is considered to be better and more reliable than the person who does not blushes.Imagine that your work is in a hurry by a colleague.Blushing means their embarrassment.You may therefore be more inclined to sympathize with them.Corine Dijk, the red-faced authority, said ...... "It's easy to say you trust someone who blushes more.Blushing indicates that you are ashamed of yourself or embarrassed by making mistakes.After all, blushing cannot be forged.Can you stop blushing?Would you think I'm crazy if I told you not to blush? You should try to blush "deliberately.If you are a blushing person, you will most likely wear high heels, but please bear with me here.A vicious circle like blushingWhat is embarrassing is that it often has an eternal nature.The only way to stop blushing is to create a shortcircuit.By drawing it short but intentional focus, you can stop blushing on its tracks.What I mean by "intentional" blush is ...... When you blush, say "Hey, it's okay for me to blush-it's normal" to yourself ".It could be three or four times a day.You will begin to have a sense of control.When you "deliberately" blush, your emotional response will not be completely embarrassing and disruptive, but accept.Recognizing that blushing is a normal human reaction, there is no point in fighting it.Blushing is a subconscious reaction that you are not directly responsible.Fear of blushing only makes the actual blushing worse.By accepting the fact that you will blush in some cases, you will not be destroyed by it.So once you accept that blushing is natural, you can start training your body to stop blushing.On a physiological level, blushing is nothing more than too much blood flow on your face.By learning how to flow blood to other places, you can stop blushing and reduce berries --Red expression blushing.By using your imagination and a bit of practice, for example, you can focus on warming your hands, thus reducing the blood flow on your face and stopping blushing.In addition to focusing on changing the physiology of blushing, you can also use your imaginative mind to re-train your body to understand its reaction in known "blushing"Similar scenes.Imagine yourself being calm and calm in the coming events, not Crimson and blushing.You are actually inProgram your brain and send messages to your subconscious mind in actual events not to blush.All in all, help you no longer blush.Shorten the rising Red by attracting your own attention.
2.Accepting it is the natural reaction of your body.Your subconscious is working.In fact, blushing is a positive thing.
3.Guide the flow of blood in other places.
4.Imagine yourself staying calm and calm in common blushing scenes.
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