why is it important to mask our facial expressions How to Succeed at Work: Does Your FACE Send a Positive Message?

why is it important to mask our facial expressions How to Succeed at Work: Does Your FACE Send a Positive Message?
How do you say your face?Are you with a successful face?Facial expressions are part of everyday life and it sends important messages to people around us.
As a doctor who treats many pain patients, I can easily judge how they feel by looking at the patient's face.Of course, when people feel pain, their facial expressions describe how they feel.In fact, their faces let me know they were hurt.They have faces and frowns on their faces, and sometimes they don't make up when they feel bad.When a man is in pain, he often makes his beard grow too long.Once I recommend an intervention that makes them feel better and relieves pain, I can tell them that they feel better when I walk into the room to receive their tracking --up visit.I see smiles, ruddy cheeks, eyes with eye shadows, and clean men --Because they feel much better.What message did your face send?Have you been to a restaurant? The waitress frowned at you?You knew right away that it would not be a pleasant dinner.We should all pay attention to what our faces are saying.What about your face?You want to get a promotion in customer service, but are your daily facial expressions frowning?If so, you won't be promoted.If you are working hard for success, your face needs to say, "I'm ready to work."Look in the mirror from time to time and see what your face conveys.If you are negatively affected by everyone during the day's work, go and steal the peak.In fact, when your face is saying "Don't Bother Me", you might think they had a bad day.Take out the mirror during the day and see what your face is saying.What does your face say about your attitude?A lot.Your face usually depicts your attitude.People who frown usually also show a bad attitude.Smiling people tend to be positive.If you want to succeed: Make sure your face shows a pleasant character.Smiling is much easier than frowning.It also makes it easier for others to approach you.Greet people with a smile and they usually respond.Don't meet your waitress with a frown.I drove past the other day-At McDonald's, the people at the window obviously had a bad time.When she handed me an ice cream cone, I asked, "Would you please give me a napkin ?"?She replied, "What, napkin ?"You have a cone.I replied, "Can I have another one ?"This time, she frowned at me and gave me the napkin.I said “thanks.She did not respond.Did she realize that if people stop using drivesMcDonald's might have to tell her she didn't have a job because she was rude?Your facial expressions and attitudes can adversely affect the people around you.Who wants an ice cream cone for grouch?It doesn't taste so good when a meanPeople who are energetic give it to you.Does it?
People prefer to work with a person with a positive attitude rather than people who always complain.This helps the team work together and can be successful at work, at home or in other relationships.Check your face to make sure you project an image of "I want to succeed.Try it;You may be surprised to find out what your face is saying.©2012 Winifred D.Bragg, MD.All rights reserved.
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