why is it important to mask our facial expressions How to Use Body Language to Keep a Guy Wanting More

why is it important to mask our facial expressions How to Use Body Language to Keep a Guy Wanting More
Only a woman has the power to make her man want it more and more when she knows how to use it.Every woman in or out of relationship should know the powerful art of body language, not only to get what she wants, but to keep it.There is nothing more important in the world than a relationship, and when it has the respect, sex, love, friendship and attraction of both sides, it is a truly amazing relationship.The role of a woman in a relationship is not just to be loved, but to express love.How to use body language to keep a man who wants more, there is no greater desire in a woman than to have a man who she wants her more and more.Body language is the key, it makes him want more and more when you use it correctly.So how do you start learning how to use body language to keep someone who wants more?You start by learning body language.Even if we don't talk, our bodies communicate with others.For women, this may be the greatest sexual attraction men experience.You have to learn how to communicate through your body and we will start with your eyes.The eye is the picture of our soul and a means to capture a person in the most attractive way.They can show your true intentions, whether you want to have a pleasant conversation with your man or if you expect more.All things are possible through eye contact, and it is crucial to learn to use your eyes when you want your companions to want more.Start with interestWhen he talks, when you talk, you stare at him and let him know that you have been looking at him from head to foot.Don't stare, though.Shows that you are attracted to different parts of his body.Look at his smile and return to his eyes to show that you appreciate it.Put your eyes on his jeans, then stand up and show the smile in your eyes, etc.Let him know that you are interested in his whole body and you recognize him as well.But don't be slutty anyway.Wit and grace is everything you absolutely don't want to be an easy sign.When he smiles, change your look a little, raise his eyebrows, show interest or teasing, but, do so subtly.The innocent role is also an important role that can be played, and a role that most women like very much.When you shoot eyelashes with bright eyes, it's a chance to open, so when you shoot your lashes, play innocent lady and pull your eyes down a bit.Try this, just notice the glimpse of him you might have captured from him.When you do this, be sure to make sure that part of your expression is lifting his body for your safety.Sexual appeal will play an important role in keeping your man wanting more.Just like the look and look, touch will be extremely important.You want to make sure that all parts of your body move in the way that attracts him the most.Think about you and his shoulder.When you communicate with your eyes, let your eyes reach out to his shoulder and pull your body a little closer.Get a little closer, wait for the signal and lean your head on his shoulder.Don’t relax.Like a good kiss, the experience will be more when you pull back and come back for more.It's daily life and you make men want you more than they stop because of sexual contact.Continue your routine.Flirt and make him want more because that's how life is.When he begins to show this desirable interest, allow intimate contact and do it in a romantic way to let him know that he is a man.When speaking, the tone is smooth and peaceful, gently squeezing the arm and keeping eye contact.Close to speaking, lower your voice and stop if for some reason your man doesn't seem to accept it.Your hair can also turn on a very large switch, which will be something you want to take advantage.You are not frivolous, but, all wise men are called women and you know how to use what God has given you.Gently and slowly cross your hair with your fingers and stop around your neck.Let your man show interest because he follows your finger, runs through your neck and moves back and forth on your collarbone.No matter how attractive you feel as a woman, you don't want to be "easy ".It is important to get this person back and not give it to him the first night.A great part of the experience between men and women is to learn from each other.Moreover, part of this attraction is the potential to learn more in each encounter.When you have the power to keep your men interested, you have the power of one of the greatest relationships in life.Learn how to use the tools God has given you.Learn how to kiss.Learn how to pull up close and back.Each of these elements is an element in the relationship that makes men want you more and more.Part of art is temptation, and the other part is to be yourself and learn to use your own tools to gain advantage.When you know how to pull your man to you and attract him, you know how to keep him there and you will never waste your time.
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