why is it important to mask our facial expressions Improve Your Communication with Body Language

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Improve Your Communication with Body Language
Body language is a person'sOral communication.It includes subtle movements or expressions that people may not even realize.Albert Mehrabian conducted a study in 1971 and concluded that there are three elements for any face-to-face communication.
3.Body Language (55%) the actual spoken language accounts for only 7% of communication, and body language accounts for 55%.Just as you can't really take the time to make others have a better impression of you, the time you have to build rapport in the first place is relatively short.Therefore, understanding body language will give you a great advantage in communication skills, and will allow you to establish a harmonious relationship with people in a shorter period of time.One of the best ways to assess whether people you meet for the first time are positive or negative about you is to look at their physical behavior and pay attention to whether they will "mirror" you.Mirroring means moving or gestures in the same way.The mirror image is to tell others that you are similar. the similarities bring people together.If you have participated in a sports event where everyone in the same department cheers for the same team, you will feel the strong atmosphere in the atmosphere.Similarly, if you are placed to work or live in a foreign country with different languages, you will meet someone who can speak your language and there is a great chance of building rapport.Mirroring is also a way of showing acceptance and building rapport, something we 've been doing subconsciously.The next time you go out, be more sensitive to people and you will notice a mirror image happening everywhere.It could be something between husband and wife, friends, family and even strangers.So if you want to build rapport with someone quickly, try this proven subtle way of reflecting their gestures, body movements, and even words.You may be surprised by the results.One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the key here is to be subtle about mirroring.The last thing you want is to break rapport by angering others with your excessive plagiarism.So when you mirror another person, create a lag time first before subtly following any changes in their posture.
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