why is it important to mask our facial expressions Introductions and Mingling: How Do I Conduct Myself?

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Introductions and Mingling: How Do I Conduct Myself?
In the business network or other public activities, many people are not comfortable with each other.Are you a person who is often worried about what people think of you?The easiest way to solve this problem is to focus our attention on "them.How?First of all, look for those who look a little lonely and stand alone.They will appreciate you coming to them and starting the conversation.This helps build relationships.While promoting confidence in themselves and them, start building dialogue.After someone leaves, it's easier to join a group that was previously involved in the discussion and break the circle of participants so we can sneak in comfortably.The following guidelines will also help: people approach when your back is close to the light, such as standing in front of the window during the day, keeping your posture upright, with open arms and fingers, A friendly smile and an invitation to talk.
Always hold your drink with your "left hand" to avoid wet clam when shaking hands.Please note that the best talker is the one with the best "active listening" skills!Let them say 60% of the time.Reflect to them what they said to "hear" their trivia to you.Introductions can be confusing, so here's an easy way to confidently introduce two people: Introduce the person who has the most important title to the person who has the "least important" title (regardless of gender)For example, Sir.or Ms.More authority, I want to introduce you.or Ms.Small permissionsAn example is to introduce the name of the president of the company in front of the sales representative.However, when introducing someone to an individual in another company, the person in the "highest position" is actually a guest or a client ...... Even if he/she has a "lower" title.Brief introduction.“How do you do?Or "hello.If you don't remember someone's name, re-introduce yourself and they will repeat their names often.If they don't, say, "We met at the marketing meeting at Embassy Suites last month.I’m (name)."They should give it to you at that time.If they still don't, just smile and say, "I apologize.Would you please tell me your name again?"The main points to keep in mind are: a slightly forward tilt, a positive and confident posture, a warm handshake, a smile, complete sincerity, dedicated to understanding what they have done with them!This interest will also make them want to know you better.Enjoy!!
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