why is it important to mask our facial expressions Listening to Your Body 101

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Listening to Your Body 101
I barely had the energy to move around some time ago.This is very unusual for me because I am used to getting up early and starting work right away ---And able to work directly during the day (the rest time for swimming is delicious ).However, I had a big surgery less than two weeks ago.Almost a week later, I was able to do things for my business, such as blogging, handling emails, attending virtual meetings, etc.I bought morning tea and oranges myself.A few days later, I can feed my beloved bird and duck twice a day.I can bathe and dress myself.All good.However, some gremlin hit me on the following Monday.I felt exhausted.I decided that I would stick to it anyway.On Monday night, I prepared a simple dinner for my husband and I for the first time.But then I'm done.I don't do much by Tuesday.I feel frustrated and unable to focus and of course have no room to write my ezine or blog.By 1:00 p.m.I surrendered in exhaustion and slipped into the bed.I woke up three hours later, still exhausted, still unable to focus and still depressed.At this point, my inner conversation is intense.(This, by the way, looks like resistance.) \ "What's wrong with me?"Why can't I focus ?""Why do I feel this way?
Everything is OK, I just took a nap.What's going on?"Is this a side effect of surgery ?""I can't stand the idea of checking emails.Or write anything.Or have dinner (although I am very hungry ).Or.Or.Or.I prayed.I asked for guidance.I ask my guides and angels to clean up my energy and help me regain my balance.By praying, I surrendered to the experience.I surrendered to exhaustion.I made concessions to the problem of not focusing enough.I surrendered to the Great Depression.And I trusted.I believe all this will pass.I believe I will be taken care.I believe everything will be fine.I asked myself: what makes me feel better?Answer: dinner.I was hungry.Dinner is fine.Soon after, when my husband came home, I had a simple salad and sofa dinner ready.We sat down for dinner, and I asked myself, what makes me feel better?Watch TV.So we did.The TV let me let go, digest the dinner and stop resisting exhaustion.It gave me room to live.Laugh at some comedy and enjoy what I can enjoy.I woke up feeling much better on Wednesday.I can concentrate.I feel very happy.I can write it!While I doubt I may have more other days in the future, I am determined to surrender to them as much as I can.I know these are really some side effects of the surgery I just had.Still, there are a few things I can do to support my body in restoring balance.And I did them.This is a lesson in this regard.To all of us: 1.Once you can, stop resisting what is happening.Surrender to it.Allow it to be.Because in allowing, you will be able to get through it faster.No one likes to feel bad.-Emotionally or physicallyHowever, it is a part of life as we evolve to a higher consciousness.We all have days like this.Let them go and find lessons in them.Look for more opportunities than you.Look for sympathy for yourself and you will find it.This compassion will then extend to others as well.2.When you feel bad, ask yourself, "What makes me feel better?Then trust your answer.Do it if you can.Your body and your height I know what you need to help restore balance and healing-Or just feel better.Let yourself be guided by the inner wisdom.3.Pray when you can't find an answer to what is happening.Yep, that’s it.Pray.Because by prayer you declare that you want to find the answer.You are setting an intention to heal.You will find your answer when determining your intention.Steps of your action: 1.Ask yourself, "What is my lesson in this?Listen to the answer.Trust it.2.Ask yourself, "What makes me feel better?Believe your answer.Then do it.3.Pray and surrender to what is happening.You will find a way out.Trust it.By the way, let me know the theme above?Trust.Trust.Trust.
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