why is it important to mask our facial expressions More Pleasure Please!

why is it important to mask our facial expressions More Pleasure Please!
Let's talk about happiness, shall we?Do you want more happiness in your life?Or maybe ALOT?Happiness is an interesting topic. it brings complex feelings to most of us.Let me ask you, what is the first thing you think of when you think of happiness?Is happiness something you keep strictly for your bedroom?Or a spa holiday once a year?Or is it boring because you have more important things to do?I mean, there's a big problem in the world. who has the luxury of entertainment, right?Maybe you drew a blank when I said it.Can't you even remember the last time you experienced it?Or you might say, "Yes, bring it to the baby!"But, because of the mixed messages you get in happiness, you retreat from receiving the messages.You know what I mean."Immerse yourself in the joy of your guilt" or "This is the joy of sin.You hear yourself silently saying "I 'd better stay away from guilt or sin, so I'll say no to this joy, thank you very much ".What's interesting is this happy idea.What it is.How we get it.If that's what we deserve.Can we believe it?Is it safe.I think happiness is often forgotten or misunderstood by most of us.For me, this is one of the gifts we experience from the human body.This is a physical experience that feels good at the cellular level.If we choose it with consciousness and intention, we can make life in our body more interesting, healthy and enjoyable.It doesn't have to just go on vacation to some remote tropical island or invest in some expensive spa to really experience it.
These are great. don't get me wrong.I like delicious massages or relaxing beautiful holidays as much as anyone else.If you 've been out of touch with happiness for a long time, it's an awesome way to "remind" yourself and what your body feels like.Indulge your senses in a very concentrated way.But you don't have to get to that level and start to nurture and experience more fun in life right away.This does not necessarily happen in the bedroom (although it is certainly a lovely option as well ).If you can experience more happiness in the dayto-day life?In those moments that seem routine or mundane?That's what I want you to do today.We can enjoy happiness at any time, when we drive home from work, when we blog the community, when we wash the dishes, we can experience happiness, when we talk to customers or colleagues.It's just an exercise to focus or direct our energy into happiness, to set our intention to experience it, to open up to it, to be with our bodies, so that we can taste its delicacy --ness.
This is an exercise.To be happy, it needs us to be with our body.Happiness is one of the gifts of body form.So, in your daily life, what are the ways to cultivate more happiness?▪When you take a shower in the morning, when the water comes into contact with your body, you really feel how it feels.Pay attention to the scent of your soap or shampoo and really suck it in.When you dry yourself and see how you can invite more joy by feeling, be conscious.
▪Let your body help you choose clothes that feel delicious-maybe a soft liquid top or a color that will brighten your mood.
▪If you take the time to do a project on your computer, keep in touch with your breath and let it touch you from the inside out as your fingers touch the keys in the inspired dance.
▪If you drive, make the scenery around you happy.Notice the color, texture and beauty with your eyes to fill it with you.Or simply be with the delicious vitality energy that flows through your body and taste the vitality that is beating in your body.Soften your body, lower your obstacles and receive gifts of life that flow through you.So why do you want to cultivate more happiness every day?First of all, it feels great in our body, which is in itself an awesome reason.No matter what we're doing, it's huge to be able to get out of the autopilot and really enjoy our physical experience.Second, the more consciously you cultivate happiness in a way that nourishes your health --The more impossible you are to get into yourselfTendency to self-destruction and addictionsoothe.Third, when you are committed to the path of happiness, the overall state of happiness and happiness in your life will increase, and I read an article written by a doctor.Christiane Northrup calls it "more fun in life ".In this article, she points out that the pursuit of happiness and a healthy diet and exercise are equally important for a vibrant life.She said, "unless you find fun in pursuing a healthy diet and exercise plan, you won't stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan.You have to find this moment yourself --to-The moment of your life must be happy, because there is no happy ending in the unhappy journey.I especially liked her saying that "there is no happy ending to the unfortunate journey ."."I believe that a rich life of joy and vitality is as important as how we experience our journey and the direction in which we move forward.For me to cultivate more joy in those moments that seem ordinary, creating a wonderful and rich experience that makes me feel completely alive and turning an ordinary journey into an extraordinary one

▪Often ask this question, "body, how can you and I experience more happiness today?"Have fun, cultivate more happiness in your life, and when you do, I 'd love to hear what you'll see!Please comment below and send me an emailEmail or skip to my Facebook page to share!
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