why is it important to mask our facial expressions No Eye Contact + Shy Men: the Scoop

why is it important to mask our facial expressions No Eye Contact + Shy Men: the Scoop
Do you know that your eye contact is crucial to how people judge you?It\'s true.People who do not have enough eye contact are seen as unconfident, incompetent, or even dishonest.As Julius fast wrote in his book body language, "in all parts of the human body used to transmit information, eyes are the most important and can deliver the most subtle differences."More importantly, shy people may think that when they are not doing enough in reality, they will have a lot of eye contact!This makes the problem of shy men not having eye contact more serious.But how much eye contact should you do?I used to do a rather interesting (albeit unintentional) experiment in a restaurant.I started talking to the waitress but only had full eye contact.However, my companion stared intently at the waitress and seemed to be attached to every word of her.Soon the waitress almost completely focused the conversation on my companion!Of course, I'm making eye contact.But it's only an occasional thing, and it's always the same with my companions.This shows me the power of good eye contact!Maybe a waitress thought I didn't pay full attention to what she was talking about because my eyes shifted occasionally.More importantly, research shows that people who like each other are easier to make eye contact than people who don't like each other.So, from this point of view, is it too much that constant eye contact will actually make people like us more?In fact, strong eye contact is one of the key factors in flirting.To be sure, good eye contact is one of the key factors in showing interest in others and building friendly relationships.Another small benefit of God's eye contact is that it helps you to more fully impress the face of your new friend in your mind.This will help make sure you recognize him or her when you see that person later, and it will also help you to remember the name.This can greatly alleviate many people's fear of forgetting people's names, even in more extreme cases, forgetting the fear of people they met earlier, if they meet him on the street or in a different environment.A good rule of thumb to help ease the problem of no eye contact + shy men is that during the time you talk to someone, at least 90% of the time is spent making eye contact.Don't indulge in it, but be sure to make it a goal.
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