why is it important to mask our facial expressions Nonverbal Gestures: 3 Body Language Gestures You Can Easily Use

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Nonverbal Gestures: 3 Body Language Gestures You Can Easily Use
Non-verbal gestures are as important as spoken language.Why?Because body language has the ability to give away one's true intentions.Whether you're the one who makes them or the one who observes them, it's still important to understand the meaning behind some of the most common non-verbal gestures.Your success may depend on it.Here are some examples: non-verbal gestures #1: Eyes-to-The movement of the eyes through the eyes, you can know what a person is thinking or feeling.When a person looks at a specific space and then looks back at you, it usually means that they want you to notice something in that corner.This usually also means that you shouldn't let anyone else know about it.Lack of eye contact also shows a lot of people.Either they feel guilty about your being or they are intimidated by your being.Non-verbal gestures #2: a handshake or a five-time high handshake indicates that you have done something great or worthy of recognition.Handshake is first used to express peace in a relationship;But times have passed, and now people usually say, "well done."On the other hand, when a person connects their palms to the palms of another person, a Palm is acquired.Over the years, this attitude has developed a lot.It is also necessary to consider the "high Ten" and "low five ".All three are used to show success.3. bowing has always been a part of Japanese and Chinese culture.It is used to show respect to elders, teachers, parents and even business partners.According to the Oriental culture, the lower you look down, the deeper you respect each other.Using this form of respect, you don't have to be the blood of Japanese or Chinese.This is a non-verbal gesture that almost everyone in the world knows.It is very important to learn to recognize the movements of body language.Don't you want to show your respect for your boss in another way?Or how about learning how to use your eyes and hands correctly?Give the right signal.Now learn these non-verbal gestures.
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