why is it important to mask our facial expressions People will always remember how you make them feel

why is it important to mask our facial expressions People will always remember how you make them feel
We all want to make a difference in our lifetime and leave our legacy after we finish our time on this planet.Making a difference is not just volunteering to help people from a background that is more unfavorable than you.You should change your mind and don't think of change as something or something you have to do. change is a new way of life and a new way of managing yourself.This shift will allow you to make changes in your own unique way every day, every moment.
Everyone you touch every day can be affected positively or negatively by your presence.When you spend your day, you are the cause and effect of many different situations that will develop in the future.From a very simple point of view, you will either create solutions for people in your environment or bring challenges.
Think about your life, past and present, everyone you have come into contact with, either to help you find a solution and satisfaction in your life, or to challenge you, you have to solve the problemPeople are either the reason to be satisfied and happy, where they inject energy into you and add value to your life, or they drain your energy and challenge you.I listen to you, there are some neutral people who don't affect you at all.My experience tells me that the only difference between identifying someone as a value multiplier or an energy Cutter is the time you spend with them.After spending enough time with anyone, they will be divided into two categories.
Now look back at your own life and how these people see their interactions with you.Are you the one who adds value to their lives, or are you the one who consumes their energy and brings them discomfort?If you can't emphatically answer that you are a person who adds value to everyone around you, then it's time to make some small changes to your way of thinking and show yourself to the world.

Wake up every day and start your day in a state of grace and gratitude.
Eager to encourage and help as many people as possible during the day.
Try to precipitate energy and true authenticity only in the lives of everyone you touch.
Smile as much as you can and be willing to share your elegance with everyone around you.
Your ability to share any of the above with those around you is unlimited.When you begin to give freely and promise to precipitate energy and grace in the lives of others, you will become the recipient of incredible blessings.You can quickly become a valuable person, a person who has a real impact on the world.All that is needed is a small shift in the direction of grace, and the willingness to try to make real changes to everyone in the environment you touch.
As you know, it will be done no matter what is measured.So set yourself a goal every day and start spreading your blessings and grace.Stick to it until your grace and blessing attitude becomes an integral part of who you are.The people who benefit the most from this new attitude are you!!!!
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