why is it important to mask our facial expressions Personal Image and Appearance - Creating the New and Successful You

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Personal Image and Appearance - Creating the New and Successful You
In 2008, I looked at the impact of my appearance on how people see me and how they treat me.I recognize that appearance has an impact on anyone's daily life and I want to find ways to improve.The reality is that people judge you a few seconds before they see you.If you don't have the image you want, you will feel bad about yourself and others will not recognize your quality.People who polish tend to be considered attractive and trustworthy, while people who don't look complicated will be considered the opposite.I decided to change my appearance.It means everything has to change from my hairstyle, teeth and clothes to my posture and sound.In this way, I am more confident and change what others think of me.The main lesson here is that you should be the person you want to be and become a new successful you.In my own experience, I can tell you some steps to be that person.Changing your image should include the following steps: list the things you want to change yourself.
Ask your friends what they think of you to determine some of your questions.
Seek solutions from experts (E.G.Hair stylist can tell you what the best shampoo is.What you may want to change is your clothes, posture, hair, good health, smile or glasses.The first step is to know what you want to change.Once you know what you want to fix, you can get help from an expert.
Next, how do you polish your image once you find your problem?To make your image clearer, you must have a nice look.Your clothes should be of quality and your shoes should be shiny.Accessories can include jewelry, watches, glasses, and even cars, boats or houses;) By the way, white socks for black shoes and dark pants are a huge tabooNot scary.Polishing your image doesn't mean just changing your appearance.Your image is as important as your posture, attitude and physical movement.The way you dress and the way you show yourself by attitude, the way you carry yourself and the way you move are what I like to call a power image.The image of power helps people generally think that you deserve respect and can do anything.Your posture and body movements can tell people a lot about you.For example, your posture and body movements can show whether you are confident or excited.If you move slowly and smoothly, people will think you are confident.It's absolutely important to keep an eye on your movements and poses so you can show yourself better-it's more important than appearance.Fitness training is a great way to create a confident appearance.In my opinion, martial arts such as Thai boxing, taekwondo, Jitsu and karate can make you walk with confidence, which people will find attractive.Fitness training is a great tool to improve your posture and body movements, which will help your overall strength image.You may doubt the importance of power image, but I see some great examples of power Image in practice.One day, for example, I saw two young people shouting at a homeless person.Homeless people called back calmly and told them they screwed up with the wrong people.As the two continued to harass him, he stood up and somehow left them with the impression that he was too dangerous to provoke them.Soon after, the two decided to leave.Although not well dressed, the homeless understand the power of physical movement and the calm voice of speech, so that he gets away with serious trouble.This has taken me another step in developing the image of power.Your voice can help you look more confident.A low, slow voice can help you show confidence to people, just like homeless people.To be seen the way you want it, you need to have the right personality and communication skills.It is important to be a good listener.Because people will appreciate talking to you, they will feel appreciated.Also, you can make people relax in the conversation by chatting with them.Also, never underestimate the power of being polite with people and paying attention to the courtesy around them.When I put my communication skills into practice, I didn't say much. I looked comfortable and confident.As a result, I found myself a mature and expressive businessman.Your smile can also make you look more approachable.Smiling, especially with your eyes, can give you a friendly and approachable look.To further shape your power Image, polish your appearance, consider changing your hairstyle, improving the look of your skin, doing laser eye surgery to eliminate glasses and even whiten your teethIn my experience, changing these things can give you a positive response from people and give you confidence in yourself.Similarly, certain clothes can give you an elegant and confident look.Wearing well means having the right clothes and showing no signs of age.If you happen to go and buy new clothes, take a female friend with you to help you make your choice and try them as much as you can.You will find that dressed well and you will get a positive response.The most important lesson you can learn about dressing yourself up is to dress yourself up.Wear clothes like you want to be.If you didn't dress up the character for a job you wanted, you wouldn't get it.You won't attract the people you want to attract, and you won't get the promotion you want.In addition, it is as important to show yourself on the internet as to show yourself in person.Your head portrait can tell people a lot about you.Maybe you are trying to show the image of your company with your head portrait.Is your head professional enough, or did you make a funny face?If your head portrait is not professional, no one will take it seriously.The best tip I can offer for your avatar is: keep it professional, but friendly, personalize your image and keep it clean and simple, not blurry.
To be a more successful person, you need to have a polished, sharp look.But more importantly, show yourself effectively through posture, body movements, communication skills and correct attitude.Never underestimate the importance of the image of power.
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