why is it important to mask our facial expressions Reading a Man’s Body Language

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Reading a Man’s Body Language
It is often difficult for women to understand.But it is not so easy to try to interpret men's motives.After all, men are not known for expressing their emotions.They tend to hide their true feelings.However, reading a person's body language can change it all!Reading a person's body language allows you to see all the cover-ups and defenses of the past.There are some clues to tell you whether a person is really interested in you or looking for another fish in the sea.Keep reading if you want to learn these threads!1) tilt your head to the side and wonder if your man is listening to what you say?Check if his head is tilted.If it is tilted, then you can bet that he will stick to every word you say.He's not putting interest here.He's interested in what you two are talking about.2) If you know where to look, it's easy for muscle bending to read the body language of a man.Men are usually proud of their physique.When talking to a man, check if he is bending his muscles.He showed you his bodybuilding abilities, which can be done openly.Or, he can subtly help you find something and show his carved arms at the same time.While some girls think the move is a bit too arrogant, it's really just a way for men to try to impress you.After all, most of them think the more muscles the better from an early age.So relax and enjoy the scenery!3) when he opens his legs (no pun intended) and his torso faces you, the person in the leg apartment is definitely interested in you.According to experts, this body language means that your man is a little territorial and wants you to belong to him.This is a completely subconscious move you will never miss.When you know the meaning and reason behind a person's behavior, it is easy to read his body language.You don't even have to pretend that you didn't check him because all these signals can be observed while talking or eating with your man.
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