why is it important to mask our facial expressions Smart Strategies to Achieve Self-Confident Nonverbal Communication

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Smart Strategies to Achieve Self-Confident Nonverbal Communication
In order to express your confidence as effectively as possible, you need to learn how to keep your body and use your voice.If you say confident words, but your body or voice shows that you don't have confidence in yourself, people will believe in your non-verbal communication, not your words.Your body posture should communicate with yourself.Confidence and personal power.Stand as high as you are (or sit as high as you are), straight shoulders and straight back.Face each other, stand or sit close to each other.Stay calm and firm on your face.Look into their eyes.You don't have to look straight.As you speak, you can take your eyes off of them, but look at them as much as you can.When you explain the situation, your voice reaches its peak in a conversational tone.Don't speak harshly, and don't let your voice squeak.Speak at a levelThe modulated sound at a uniform volume, slightly loud (but not loud ).Take a moment, a little slower than average.This will make your words sound more serious.Make sure there is a natural change in your voice, so it is fairly uniform, not monotonous or "singing ".Speak in a lower tone if you can.You may need to practice this in order for it to be correct.If you have a highPractice speaking in your lowest tone.Be sure to make your words clear.This is crucial because unless the other party clearly understands what you are talking about, they cannot know what you want.Very clear but natural.Emphasize certain words, if you wish, especially those related to the harm their actions have caused you and the details in your request.What should you do with your hands, arms and legs? Don't cover your face or mouth, and don't grab your nose or head.You can wave your hand and point your finger at it (but don't be aggressive and say "I told you!Fashion), push away from your face.Highlight what you are talking with gestures, and perhaps describe what you are talking in the form of pictures.Take up some space.Open your arms and legs.Open your arms and if you are sitting in a chair, grab the arm rest of the chair.If you're sitting on the couch, stretch your arms along the back of the couch.Put your arm against the table.All these tips will help you feel yourself.Be confident and act in yourselfA confident attitude
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