why is it important to mask our facial expressions Smile and Smiling Quotes and Poems

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Smile and Smiling Quotes and Poems
Today, give a smile to a stranger.This is probably the only sunshine he sees all day.~Quoted in P.S.I love you by H.Jackson Brown Jr.The smile confused the coming frown.~ The author doesn't know that people rarely notice old clothes if you have a big smile.~ Lee MildonA smile is a curve that makes everything straight.Felix Diller smiles.Have you noticed that puppies make human friends easily?All they did, however, was shake their tail and fall.~ Walter Anderson, Confidence Course, 1997 the world always looks brighter from behind a smile.~ The author starts unknown with a smile every day and ends it.~W.C.Make sure there is no smile before you frown.~ Jim BeggsA smile is a cheap way to change how you look.~ Charles GordyWrinkles should just indicate where the smile is.~ Mark Twain, after the smiling snatch, stole something from the thief.~ William Shakespeare, the smile of Othello is the light on the window on your face, telling people that you are at home.~ The author does not know that if there are no other people around you, you will smile and you are really serious.If you smile at someone, they may smile at you.~ The author doesn't know to remember happiness forever, because you never know who will fall in love with your smile.~ Author UnknownEveryone smiles in the same language.If you don't smile, I will give you my smile.Author UnknownI has never seen a smiling face that is not beautiful.~ The author does not know to smile, have friends;The face is full of anger and wrinkles.~ George EliotShe gave me a smile in my hip pocket.
You can infect like flu.

I began to smile too.
~ The author's unknowable smile appeared on her face as if she had taken it directly from her handbag and nailed it there.~ Loma ChandlerA smiles.~Mary H.WaldripSmile -The sun is good for your teeth.The author does not know that the shortest distance between two people is a smile.~ The author doesn't know if you don't start a new day with a smile, it's not too late to start practicing tomorrow.My favorite sport is the unknown smile.~ The author does not know smile-Size for all.
You will find that a smile can be cured more or less.

Around the front teeth-
This avoids the condensation of the face.
~ Anthony uvel every day you don't have a smile is a lost day.~ The author doesn't know when you smile at someone, it's the action of love, it's a gift for that person, it's a beautiful thing.Mother TeresaA friendly eyes, kind smile, a good move, life is worth it.The author does not know that the kind heart is the fountain of happiness, making everything nearby smile.The charm of Washington is power.Smile is its sword.The smile of Charles Reade was generally welcomed.~ Max EastmanKeep smile ~It makes people wonder what you're doing.~ The author does not know that you have never dressed up with a smile.Martin chainina's smile lights up the darkest day.~ The author does not know the need for 17 muscle smiles and 40three to frown.The author doesn't know everything you wear, and your expression is the most important thing.All the statistics in the world cannot measure the warmth of a smile.~ Chris HartIf, give him a smile if you want to waste a day.The author's unknown smileIt will increase your face value.~ The author began with a smile.~ The smile of mother TeresaA is a powerful weapon;You can even break the deadlock with it.The author's unknown smile begins with another smile.~ The author's unknown smile is something you can't give up;It will always come back to you.The author's unknown smile is not needed except for giving anything.It enriches those who have not made those who have paid worse.It only takes a moment, but its memory sometimes lasts forever.No one is so rich or powerful, no one is so poor, he can't get rich by it.However, a smile cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen, because it is worthless to anyone before it is given away.Some people are too tired to give you a smile.Give them one of yours because no one needs to smile more than he does.~ The author does not know that a smile from his face requires a lot of work, but think about the benefits that a smile can bring to the body's most important muscles...the heart.
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