why is it important to mask our facial expressions Sperm or Egg? How do You Create Success?

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Sperm or Egg? How do You Create Success?
In 2008 presidential debate, the Wall Street Journal reported that Michelle Obama had told Barack to step out of his head and enter his body --Sit down and let his feelings flow.With the language of full body consciousness depicted in my book, what your body tells you, and I want to say, Michelle promotes the physical intelligence (BQ) of the future president of the United States ).
Sometimes called physical intelligence, the BQ is critical for many reasons.More and more studies have shown that: 1) information is stored in our bodies at the cellular level, and 2) every thought and feeling produces a physiological effect, this effect can erode our cells. This information has a profound and largely subconscious impact on our perception, behavior and experience.In many cases, the best action you can do is to leave your head and enter your body.In fact, the result you produce may depend on it.I have clients who only deal with the situation by realizing how they deal with it, not just mentally but physically.
How about you?Are you chasing what you want, running panting like a Spanish bull charges you?Or is your style more like "sit down and let it come to me "?Depending on what is at stake, you can combine the two and switch from Yin to Yang as needed.
I often help clients raise their awareness of sperm.egg metaphor.This tool has been proven to be highFor example, the impact of providing a key sales presentation, making an investment decision, or making a particularly pleasant first date.
We first consider the great father of all of us: sperm.He was in a game with his 0.3 billion compatriots.or-Die for survivalHe then saw a whole piece of his sperm absorbed by vaginal acid.Like the soldiers running in the heavy rain, the rest of the 40% m swimming, Michael PhelpsLike, hope to claim the eggs.As they approached, they found the cervix blocked by a huge sign: Don't get close.Only the fittest survive this final crossover and continue towards the award.Then, in the end, the champion sperm merged with the egg.Whew!
Now let's take a look at the great mothers of all of us, the eggs.She is not in a hurry to do anything, although she has the same intense task of merging with sperm.The practice of eggs is completely contrary to sperm --She just sits in the back and makes the choice by sending out a film to attract a wobbly person of her choice.Once her membrane blends with his membrane, she pulls him in.Viola!No pressure, no rush...She might as well ask her suitor, "What is niu?
I hope that the metaphor above does not trigger any birth trauma (or, rather, conceptual trauma) because it is not my intention.We're after consciousness-Understand the rhythm and atmosphere of the body so that we can master the superWith our BQ (body-IQ ).
"But all men are like sperm and women are as easy to accept as eggs!"I hear it often.But when we look deeper, we find that these are not gender.specific Mars-Features of Venus, and energy.My mother has always been, for example, and will always be mostly sperm --Like the way she treats her life.At the age of 90, she can still be seen running away in a crazy "Wait For No One" sprint.Whether she is driving to a deli to have a salted beef sandwich, going to the senior center to teach Canesta, or flying to a neighbor for charity, she is a spermWhen she finally landed on the sofa, she rose from the sun to the energy of the Sun's descent.On the other hand, my dad is 100% eggs.energy.A typical layingThe attitude of retreat, everything he was calm.We have never heard of him if he wants anything.He just sat there quietly, entertained himself in his mind and watched his life unfold exactly as he wanted.Long before someone named it the law of attraction, my dad had a keen sense of the basic truth that Longda Bourne popularized as "secret.
For decades I have been looking at how to make the sperm/egg work.Twenty years ago, after I was appointed "best sales representative of the Year" at a corporate conference, Brian Meriman, then vice president of conica, pulled me aside and asked: what is your secret?
"This is my yoga practice for business.First of all, I am in my Yang and do everything I can to make an appointment.But as soon as I finish my appointment, I turn to Yin and sit down and relax.He smiled and never asked me a personal question again.I didn't say anything at the time, but I did say it now --Especially during executive training.Is this the case: Learning to transfer from spermAwareness of eggsFree consciousness is not only a hell.A savvy skill;it\'s a sure-Fire the way to increase your bottom line.
For example, consider how the situation develops when I meet with buyers at AT&T.On our first date, she said, "you don't come here like other sales reps, lean against my desk and talk to me like a hunt.No one ever asked myself and then just sat down and listened.On the other hand, when you try to make an appointment, you are a little aggressive on the phone!"We got a good laugh from that picture.This is one of my early lessons in sperm power.egg dynamic.I use all the sperm energy I can collect from twisting and swimming to relaxing on eggs --Like the throne, wait for the command to come.And they did...I received a purchase order for 98 topof-The production line started running the next day!
If you want to know how a real owner uses spermTo achieve his goal, just look at Obama's actions.I admire his performance during the campaign.Whether it's an indirect blow from his opponents during the presidential debate or a criticism of his past dealings, our president is a master of this form.He knows when to take the precise action of an arrow toward the target, and when to sit in his bad position --ass egg self-Focus on goals, be confident and have a complete purpose.Now there is a person who knows how to move gracefully and flamboyantly from active to passive.
Michelle Obama understands this: we are more present and more effective when we realize that our bodies are not stuck in our minds.The key is to maintain a comprehensive dialogue with your mind and body.Your body has its own wisdom, a natural glow that only knows deeper truths that your mind cannot understand.
So, next time you're high-Whether you're in a presidential debate, a business speech, or having lunch with your dream date, listen to your inner voice and ask: "I'm like a sperm, or is it moving like an egg at this moment?
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