why is it important to mask our facial expressions The 4 Grim Facts Of Life About Body Language: Don’t Go Into Your Next Meeting Until You Memorize Them

why is it important to mask our facial expressions The 4 Grim Facts Of Life About Body Language: Don’t Go Into Your Next Meeting Until You Memorize Them
What is the story about body language?The non-verbal expression of the human body is a silent signal, saying a lot.The most important thing about body language is: it's louder than you think!Demonstration skills training is incomplete if effective body language issues are not addressed.According to speech experts, more than half of our daily messages are delivered through body language.Many experts urge speakers to be aware of the conflict in body languageWhen words contradict silent information.How do these silent messages convey?Through gestures, movements, gestures, and facial expressions.Language and non-verbal expression should work together when presenting to the audience.If they don't, the information is confusing.People may not know what you're talking about ...... Or listen to what you communicate non-verbally.There are four facts in life that you must know.Verbal influence when presented.With this in mind, you will be in a stronger position to align your body language with what you say.1.
Supplement your delivery with your facial expressions, poses and gestures.It's natural to talk with emotion, smile, make eye contact and use animated gestures.This is not something you need to try to remember.Supplementing your speech with natural passion is an easy way to enhance your influence.2.
Think of your body language as a way to repeat or reinforce your message.For example, lift your finger to strengthen points 1, 2 and 3 when describing three points.It may be stupid or unnecessary for you.But this is a powerful way to describe your message and reinforce your key points.Remember, your audience has not heard your speech before.By strengthening your point of view with body language, your audience is more likely to understand your story.3.
Imagine the underline of a word.The picture highlights phrases that have a special meaning for you.When you emphasize a point of view while speaking, this is exactly what you are doing.For example, nod when you agree.Or, if you don't agree with an idea, shake your head "no ".These body movements increase the focus that your audience will recognize.4.
Body language can be used effectively to send signals.We were surprised to raise our eyebrows.We entertain with a smile.We nodded and understood.Each of these expressions and gestures is a way to convey understanding to your audience.While many speech skills experts urge professionals to use effective body language, there is a hidden problem.We may control our language skillfully, but we cannot control our non-verbal reactions.It is important to recognize and accept this.For example, we may lose our voice when we stand up.We may blush when we feel embarrassed.We may sweat when we are in the spotlight.These unconscious signals are valuable.They help us to stay true and true.Perhaps these less controlled reactions are important reminders rather than trying to increase control.They remind us of our true feelings.They asked us to stay true.Take the time to think about your last few speeches.Do you think your body language is powerful?If so, what did you do?How can these insights be used in the next demo to improve efficiency?As with many parts of the speech, studying body language is a process.Consider working with expert demo coaches to get objective feedback.This is one of the best ways to quickly improve your skills and strengthen your ability to send the right information.
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