why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Art of Body Language

why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Art of Body Language
Body language is the most lackingNon-appreciation formOral communication.How is this possible?The answer is quite simple.How does one appreciate what they don't understand or know how to use?Do you know who the biggest culprit is?Males!Now I may get a lot of emails telling me how wrong it is, but that is far from it.Consider an issue before you log in to your email.Which gender uses body language most in all forms?The answer is women.If they use it more often than men, then they may have a better understanding of body language.The main tool for men to initiate body language is the eyes, which are usually accompanied by subtle facial postures.This is why men tend to be better at this than women.On the other hand, women use all forms of body language.It's not that men don't like it, but it's not common.Women are the "masters" of body language ".The type of body language that a woman uses depends on the woman's personality.Shy and quiet women usually use more subtle form of body language, which hinders men's ability to judge whether to use body language or not.For these types of women, the initial reading is hard.However, if you understand that woman, then you will be comforted over time by eliminating this inability to produce readable body language.An out-When using body language, it is not subtle to go with fun women.They use it more loosely and it's easy to notice.What they do to themVerbal communication may escalate to a slight caress.Since I mentioned it, I will simply explain the use of touch.This contact sends a signal to the receptors in the human brain, releasing the pleasure of the neurotransmission.In doing so, men feel happiness, comfort, acceptance and attraction in a whole, thus feeling a state of pleasure.The trick is that you want them to want more, so minimize this slight caress.Not enough to make them drool, but not so little that they don't feel teased.What are the main tools women use to show body language?This question is similar to asking someone how to determine how big a person's net worth is.The first answer is their assets.The same answer applies to the use of women and their body language;However, this is far from the only thing they use.How do women use their assets?One of the main ways is to show a little skin.Men go crazy when they see a little skin.However, everything must be applied in moderation.Too much exposed skin can be seen as a desire for attention;Too few places can be seen as tension.
Women who usually use it have a beautiful, sexy body.They express their feelings with the outline of their bodies.They are trying to increase the arch of their body to expand the impact it has on the people she is trying to attract their attention.This is my personal favorite because it shows the natural beauty of a woman's body, similar to sculpture.Why do I start with my body?Studies have shown that men's first judgment on women without seeing facial features is the body.Usually, if they do not like what they see, then they will enter the next woman;If they do, however, they move to other assets in the chest and back --end.Ladies, when I say, "If they don't like what they see," it's not an escape from body shape, so different men have different tastes, if you don't fit their cirteria, they will move on.My philosophy is that every woman is unique and beautiful and can be found just by finding the right man.
Usually, if a woman is her ownAware of their bodies, they will use what they think is the best asset they have.They may use their breasts, afterEven legs.Now, it all depends on the person's preference.Some people like one asset, not another, which can vary if one shows an interest in your body language.Women who like to show off their chest will wear a low chest shirt and women who like to show off their chest will wear a low chest shirtEnd will wear tighter jeans, and people who like to show off their legs will wear some sort of skirt.To prove this, next time you go out for lunch with some friends, go to the mositi bar, the keg, or some sort of bar --Lounge atmosphere.Guess what the cocktail waitress does?The three parts mentioned above, they all show off.Can you guess their main client?Surprise man!Just a simple fact.These cocktail waitresses can tip five times more than the same percentage of restaurant waitresses.These are crazy things, I know.This is the biggest problem I see when helping people do business or love life.What people are lookingObviously, I always tell them to start with what they know or what they have in this situation.It's a completely different game for men.Unless on the beach, you will never see them show off their skin, and they will not make physical postures because the male body is not for this.As I said in the first part of this article, men mainly use their eye language to communicate non-verbally.The difference here, however, is whether the person has the confidence to initiate or returnOral communication.First of all, many men lack self-confidence, so this is not surprising in itself.I will be introducing confidence in another article and how to overcome its suppression, as this is in itself a tame beast.The main reason men are reluctant to start body language is because they are not confident in their ability to understand body language or how to return it.So unless they are affected by alcohol, they are shy and alcohol is an instant confidence booster.So ladies, if a man doesn't show anythingDon't panic, because he probably doesn't know what he's doing.However, if you meet a man he does show it but it is very scary and gives him a chance because it is easy to fix.It's easier to teach a person body language than to teach them how to be confident.So think of yourself as a teacher and you are teaching your students, this person, how to make the proper body language.In addition, it helps the person to understand what to look for in the future so that they don't know so much about it.As you may have noticed, I am gradually moving towards the real beginning, or what I call the "engagement" of the person you are attracted to, whether it is their appearance or their personality.It is very important to take action step by step because a lot of people just tell you "how --But the dating world is so unstable because, as I said before, every situation is unique, but the patterns shown are timeless.The person who sells the product will start selling at the beginning of the individual.But if you don't first understand how they think and what they do to show that they are interested in you, how do you do that.The small aspect is huge and it's almost like going fishing without bait.Good luck to catch a fish;)!
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