why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Eyes | A Study in Deductive Observation

why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Eyes | A Study in Deductive Observation
"Look, but don't look.” -I like to call it Sherlock Holmes's "deduction" observation, which allows you to predict and predict what a particular person will do or say next.It can reveal the rich information and insight of people's ideas and intentions.As a psychic who understands the language of the eye, this is probably the most beneficial.The ability to read a person's intentions according to eye movements began to develop at about four years old.Sadly, most people have never developed further.The general rule is that the more interested a person is, the more committed the student is.The same is true, in turn.This can tell you everything.The direction a person looks in almost always heralds a lot of things.Lateral eye movement (CLEMS) is an involuntary eye movement in the left or right eye that can indicate whether a person is engaged in symbolic thinking or visual thinking.A 1999 study showed that people mainly look at home on the left or right, and that 75% of their eye movements will be in one direction or another.This is a good sign that you are dealing with a more analytical left brain person who mainly looks at the right or a creative right brain person,Dr.University of Virginia psychologist Bella De Paul reported in 1986 that people think they are much better at reading body language than they actually are.Most people do not accurately think that "cunning eyes" means that a person is lying.A person's body language reaction when defending himself is the same as the body language used when lying.In Neural language programming, we warn that the rule of thumb is to use at least four body language cues to infer a person's thoughts.When asking someone a direct question, the movement of the left or right eye may mean the difference between the truth and the lie.Looking Left represents a fictional answer, because their eyes show an image or sound of a build, while looking right represents a sound or image of "remember", and that's what it is.Keep in mind that everyone is different, so as I said before, never come to a conclusion based solely on one observation.-
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