why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Eyes Have It

why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Eyes Have It
Learning the power of eye contact what is eye contact?

1.Eye contact is one of the most important non-verbal channels for you to communicate and connect with others.
2.It is defined as the encounter of the eyes between two people expressing meaningful non-verbal communication.
3.Contact occurs when two people look directly at each other, or when two people or animals look at each other's eyes at the same time.
4.It is the condition or action of looking at another human or animal in the eye.
"The cheapest and most effective way to connect with people is to look them in the eye.What is eye contact?

Eye contact is the contact of two souls.Imagine all the power your eyes have.
Eye contact is probably the most powerful of all the ways we communicate.The first step in establishing communication is eye contact.
Communication with pets and animals is eye contact depending on the animal you keep or avoid contact.
Have you ever seen a horse and know that your soul has communicated?
Have you ever seen your dog and know that the two of you are connected on a spiritual level?
My best friend and I can communicate at a glance.
Is the eye the window of the mind?I’d say so.What is the power of eye contact?
"An eye can be as threatening as a loaded gun, as insulting as hiss, kicks, or change the mood and become a beam of mercy.It can make the heart dance for joy."When you communicate with another creature through eye contact, words may never be found to communicate what actually happens.Maybe it should be "I" contact?
In addition to touch, eye contact is the most effective way to deliver personal information.
Eye contact shows personal involvement and creates intimate connections.Gaze at each other narrowed the gap between the body.It brings people closer.
Eyes play an indispensable role in effective communication and building relationships.
Eyes of Love;Remember that when you know without words that you are attracted, your expressions and body will become better.What can you say with your eyes?

Then, like the elevator gaze, avoid eye contact.Afraid of eye contact with strangers and wildlife.Eye contact can be considered a challenge to aggression.

Through eye contact, trust can be built almost immediately.

How others receive your feedback.
I know you.Our eyes are a great gift.

What's more, there is no word.
In this country, it is not trustworthy to keep eye contact.
In other countries, keeping eye contact can be considered rude and disrespectful.What does eye movement mean?Eye contact provides you with valuable clues about what a person is thinking.

Those who leave in order to collect ideas are often religious and artistic.They are most likely to remember.

People looking up and right may be building or making up answers.
Eye contact may mean permission to speak, or it may be an order;Like when you say to someone, "Look at me when I talk to you.
We asked them to pay attention.Besides, they join us on a deeper level.
People with autism or social anxiety problems, like cheats, have trouble keeping eye contact.When do you want to make eye contact?When you say hello without speaking

Play team sports when you want to avoid eye contact?

"One of the most wonderful things in nature is the brilliance of the eyes;Beyond language;It is a physical symbol of identity.You can learn to keep good eye contact.Practice doing.
Keep eye contact and smile at strangers and not hurt.
Keeping eye contact helps you focus on what the other person is saying;Instead of thinking ahead about what you want to say.
In Western culture, a person with changeable vision is considered bad;They are suspicious and useless.
"In return, the whole world will soon be blind.
"Open your eyes before you get married, and close your eyes after you get married."In our society, there is a growing demand for interaction.Think about the joy you can spread by making eye contact and smiling at cashiers, waitresses or passers-by on the street in the store.
It gives a positive atmosphere.
Build confidence...
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