why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Importance of Non-Verbal Cues

why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Importance of Non-Verbal Cues
In today's globalized world, everyone is obliged to have effective communication skills in order to compete with others.Effective communication skills include both verbal and non-verbal.verbal signals.Speech Communication refers to communication with the help of speech, not speech communication.Speech Communication refers to the type of communication that does not use speech.Actually, no.Speech Communication plays an important role in our daily life.Surprisingly, more than 90% of all communications we use every day when sharing information are supported by body language.Therefore, to become a better communicator, we should not only pay attention to language communication, but also pay attention to body language and non-verbal communication.Verbal cues from othersThis paper discusses the different forms of non-Besides its importance, oral communication.According to a study by Albert Mehdi, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, body language accounts for 55% of the first impression;38% the tone from the sound;7% comes from our actual words.Therefore, people should have vivid ideas about different non-cableLanguage communication, we should deal with these clues while transmitting or receiving them.Non-Oral tip: nonLanguage cues include gestures, eyes, poses, facial expressions, space, dress, appearance, distance, and manners.In my article, I only discussed four important non-That is, language suggestionGestures, eyes, posture, and facial expressions.1.Eye contact: Robert Whiteside describes the eyes as "the window of our souls and the mirror of our hearts ".When we talk to others, our eyes convey the most true and sincere feelings.People who do not maintain proper eye contact during interaction will be suspected to be secret.Therefore, we must keep eye contact while listening to others.This will show that you are focusing on what the person is saying.Therefore, effective communication is possible without any obstacles.2.Gesture: another nonThe language prompt is a gesture.It refers to expression with fingers, hands and arms.Without proper gestures, the speaker is unable to make a good impression in the mind of the audience.It is important to remember that gestures should be natural.Be sure to make sure that your gestures and language messages are consistent, there is no contradiction between the two.3.Pose: this is considered right and wrongOral communication.Your posture shows your personality.By looking at your posture, people will form a view of yourself as to what kind of person you are actually --A bold, confident, energetic person, or a timid, submissive, submissive person.Always keep an eye on your body postures and correct them if they are not appropriate.4.Facial expression: it is said that the face is an indicator of the heart.No matter what we think and feel in our hearts and minds, it may be discovered by the opposite people who interact with us.Facial expressions express our feelings and emotions.A happy smile on your face will definitely send a positive signal in the interaction.Don't forget one thing.To avoid misconceptions, your facial expressions and language messages should match each other.
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