why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Power of Effective Eye Contact

why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Power of Effective Eye Contact

First of all, ask yourself a question, "What is the function of the eye?"For me, from birth, these two built-in eyes are intended to be used, far more than the daily and inert observations of objects, people and events around us.They play an important and vital role in effective communication processes and building rapport with your prospects.As a guide, you should keep eye contact with each other at 2/3 of the entire communication process.But that doesn't mean you look her eyes for 20 minutes and turn around and leave for 10 minutes.The correct way is to keep in touch for 7 seconds, then leave for 3 seconds, etc.Eye contact does not mean staring at people's eyes, but is described as "eye contact"nose” triangle."Eyes-nose” triangle?This is a fictional triangle from 2 eyes to one's nose (see illustration ).This is where you should focus.70% of eye contactIf you feel any discomfort or resistance from the other party;You have to reduce the percentage of contacts.
The eyes are a very interesting part of the human body.As the saying goes, "eyes are the window of the Heart", you can see the inner feelings through this portal.For example, when a person meets someone or something that is very attractive to them, their pupil will naturally become larger.This is one of the body languages that our submarine is controlling.Consciousness that cannot be hidden or forged.Several powerful prediction examples of eye contact are: 1.The increase in the number of students indicates that the person you can participate in is interested in what you say or you.2.If a person blinks at a much faster rate than normal, it shows the anxiety and nasty feelings of the person, which may indicate that the person is actually lying.3.If you have a conversation with someone, their eyes are easily distracted by the surrounding environment, indicating that you have not won the interest of the audience.Keep this in mind, if you are talking to someone and your eyes are looking around all the time, it is considered a rude act, so be careful what your eyes are looking.Just simply look into a person's eyes and you can easily say what this person is going through at the moment, such as happiness, surprise, disgust, fear of anger and sadness, even the mix above.By focusing on the eyes to empower ourselves, we can learn a lot about the future, which in turn leads to the success of communicating with her and building rapport.
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