why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Power of Your Smile

why is it important to mask our facial expressions The Power of Your Smile
If I'm going to rank all the factors that shape a flattering personality, I have to put a friendly smile at the top of the list.A warm, true smile conveys feelings that cannot be accomplished by words alone.The bright smile exudes warmth, making people feel better, leaving a good first impression.The people you meet, you will see all kinds of smiles.These smiles will be different from the "habit smile" they smileConsciously just because they know they should smile "it's really good to see you smile" and their smile conveys a real interest in you.Just as someone else's smile makes an impression on you, your smile or lack of smile makes an impression on them.Your smile is probably one of your most powerful brand tools, and it's as simple as lifting your cheeks to reveal your teeth!If you start smiling more, you will immediately begin to attract more people into your life.Your smile will make people feel welcome and appreciated.You will appear more confident, your attitude will be better, and your value to the market will increase.Smile can also improve your health by reducing stress, boosting the immune system, lowering your blood pressure and making you look younger.Greet people, leave a positive impression on the people you greet, look into their eyes and give them a warm and friendly smile when you tell them how happy you are to meet them.This technique uses both language and non-language.Oral expression.To enhance your impression, include their names in your greetings, and please shake hands if appropriate.Spend time with people, I want not only to encourage you to focus on your smile when greeting people, but also to challenge you and focus more on smiling in all your communicationEven on the phone.Yes, people can "hear" Your smile on the phone.When you talk to others, the more smiles you have, the more people you will attract, and the more they will like you.If you are doing sales, remember that people tend to do business with you more if they like and trust you.If you want to be a leader, the more people like you trust you, the more likely they are to follow you.For some people, deliberate efforts are necessary, and a smile is natural.For others, they actually have to remind themselves to smile.I must smile with great care because it is not natural for me.When I speak in front of a large group of people, I have to really focus on smiling.I know that in my speech, the more I laugh, the more people like me.The more they like me, the more willing they are to accept what I have to say.Size 1-10. how to impress others with your smile?Be honest!Let me give you a simple challenge.In the next 24 hours, smile at everyone you see with extra care.Whether it's the person sitting next to you, your neighbor or your spouse, think about the message you send with a smile.If you don't smile a lot then it will take you extra effort but it is well worth it.Not only will you be happier if you do a simple thing, but you will immediately notice that people react differently to you.Give it a shot;it will be fun.Your smile not only affects how people feel about you, but it is also a great way to express your love, appreciation and respect for those who are important to you.Author Profile: Todd Smith is a 29-year successful entrepreneur and founder of www.It's okay.com.
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