why is it important to mask our facial expressions Tickled Pink

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Tickled Pink
This season is pink!What is your favorite color?If you look in my closet, you will find me "amused by Pink ".This is one of my favorite colors and from the look of the runway it is now more stylish than ever.Looking through any magazine, you will see pink skirts, magenta hats, purple high heels, jewelry with rose quartz, purple handbags, and even sunglasses trimmedWhat color of pink are you going to wear this season?It's time to come out of your closet & "itch" you "!If you are trying to pursue a spectacular life, that's right, you have to be "pink" both inside and outside "!"Pink" means being happy (Ecstatic) about something (working hard for everything), or being in a state of excitement and joy (let's go 24/7), E.G.g."She was pleased with the $10,000 contract.\ "It has nothing to do with pink.This is just the idiom used.Rose Red salmon coral cherry blossom Hawaii dilute purple vandango carnations MagentaSo let's take a look at your life and see what you can do to improve the tone!There is always room for improvement!Just like there are many pink shades, you also have many aspects!You can calm down.You can be warm too!You may feel relaxed and happy some days.Accept all this and don't hold back.Be bold and be yourself and let all your colors shine from head to foot, from inside to out!Like the trend of last season.Goodbye, no light tones for your service.You must promise that you will be "amused by the pink" thing.What do you like?What do you like to do?Who inspires you?What is one thing you always want to do?Then try to live in that state every day.e.Morning, noon and evening.Don't be timid. this is your life. you can paint cloth as you like.Work hard to make a piece of art!Think about it. you created this painting.You control the brush.You can always try to perfect it, but it will take out all your best colors in the first place.Don't let others decide what color you should choose.You can definitely change what color is best for you and always seek improvement!Don't you want your life to be the perfect shade?
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