why is it important to mask our facial expressions What is Your Appearance Saying About You?

why is it important to mask our facial expressions What is Your Appearance Saying About You?
What kind of impression does your appearance give?Most of us never bother to think about how we show ourselves;After all, personal preferences tend to be above the minds of others.We usually just work hard for comfort and affordable, and while this may not be a bad strategy, it completely ignores the impact of your appearance on impression management.
If you don't believe it, then let's show how fast your brain is handling things based solely on presentation.
Imagine walking into the subway station and finding three men.The first man in a wellSuit and briefcase.The second man was wearing a leather jacket with multiple piercings on his face and a full body tattoo.The third man wore too short trousers, sunglasses (indoors), and his hair tied into a ponytail.
If you had to ask one of them for directions, which one would you choose?You don't know anything about the three, but from the description given above, I can almost guarantee that most readers will choose the person in a suit.The other two may be the kindest and most considerate people in the world, but since their appearance is inconsistent with this assumption (or social norm), we will seek to avoid them.
Before any interaction occurs, we shape our initial opinions and impressions based only on how others show themselves.Think about how many people you see every day but never talk to them;You have impressions of all of them, but they are based entirely on visual features.
Simply put, others may judge you in a very incorrect way based on how you show yourself.As a result, you may miss countless social or career opportunities, so maintaining a strong and consistent look can do wonders for impression management.
Keeping a good appearance doesn't necessarily mean that you have to work hard to comply with all the social norms that you can think.You don't need to buy designer clothes or wear a suit every day;All you need to do is find a way to show yourself that is exactly the same way you are as a person.To do this most effectively, we will discuss the four biggest aspects of the presentation: clothing, grooming, physique and body language.
Imagine your appearance as a work of art.If you do wellA piece of art in the museum was stained and the audience wouldn't think, "Oh, the artist must have messed up.The reaction is more likely to be "what are all the stains & * % $ ?"?
Everything in the artwork is considered intentional, even the smallest detail.So is appearance management, especially clothing.No one will think that you "accidentally" decided to match the striped tie with the plaid shirt;On the contrary, they will think that you have chosen this strange thing.Put) demo.In fact, there is nothing wrong with them;Unless someone dresses you, you can completely control how you look before you get out of the house.
It's time to start controlling.When you decide what you want to wear, think about the stereotypes and judgments that you choose if you are in someone else's body.Here's a small list where I can think from scratch.
Casual pants-usually mean laziness or lack of effort, especially since it is the pajamas that many men usually wear.So you are creating the look of "just getting up.
Jeans-casual, simple, not too pretentious.It's usually a good choice for anyone.
• T-Shirts-another simple option, but be careful when they have a funky statement.Many strangers don't understand your sense of humor. you may feel that your sense of humor is not good.
Kit-helps to create a very professional look, but they can be considered strange, unnecessary or arrogant without combining proper grooming and body language.
Casual pants-almost the same as men, but most women overcome "laziness" by making up, dressing up, and body language ".
Booty shorts-while there is nothing morally wrong with them, these shorts have become a staple food for promiscuous women.This is not to say that there is something wrong with wearing them, but society has left a bad impression on them.
Jeans-like a man, jeans are simple and apply in most cases.
Pants Suit-this formal dress leaves a very strict and professional impression on women.
Dress-dress is much more elegant and less serious about formal dress.They are also far less likely to intimidate.These impressions are also situational;For example, if you work on Wall Street, anything other than a suit will appear inappropriate.What you really need to do is look at your life and figure out which clothes fit your needs most.An anti-Social people may tattoo obscene tattoos on their knuckles, and friendly people will never think of such a thing because it will damage their ability to socialize with others.
It's also important to remember that nothing on this list is the main determinant of how others see you.It does have a strong influence, but GFD and body language are equally important in overall impression management.
There is not much room for change in this category;If you want to do anythingYou should then take a shower and deodorant a lot.The choice is mainly hair on the head and face.
Whether or not you are bothered to do your hair, it fully reflects how much effort you are willing to make for your appearance.Those who do not even bother to drag the brush over the hair and roll out of the bed often appear pompous and face and lazy, and those who take the time to do anything about the hair can usually solve the problem.
Obviously, some hairstyles are a bit extreme for everyday use.Messy hair looks particularly shabby and untrustworthy, and hair styles that used to be as popular as Mohawk are now considered childish and immature.I 've even heard stories of people after 90 putting mayonnaise on their hair to get the greasy look that was popular at the time (please never do that ).
Unless you really want to stand out, your best choice for hairstyles is usually something basic and within the limits of social norms.Hair stylists are usually pretty good at finding things that fit your style for you, so you can always ask for advice if needed.
About facial hair, it depends on what impression you want to give.The study found that young women prefer clean shaved men, but women who want to settle down and get married prefer men with beards.A well-Trimmed beards are also beneficial in the professional world, making you look more capable and trustworthy.
For a person trying to make a good impression, a thick, messy beard can be devastating.It looks sloppy and modern even comes up with the term "neck beard" used to describe socially and professionally incompetent people ".This is not a label you want to earn, so be sure to keep up if you choose a facial hairstyle.
For women, traces of any facial hair should be removed.Some female upper lip prone to slight peach hair;It's no problem, it's just basic genetics.However, remember our artistic metaphor;Everything is considered intentional.It's not a bad thing if you're a woman with a slight facial hair, just make sure to get rid of it to avoid any negative impressions.
This is another category that is easy to understand.Healthy people give the impression that they take care of themselves, while overweight people do the opposite.There are varying degrees of decline between the two extremes, but overall, it is generally considered more beneficial to keep in shape.
We discussed the importance of non-verbal communication on multiple occasions.People collect a lot from how to carry themselves, so learning some basic knowledge of body language is a necessary condition for good impression management.Our two articles on body language (Part 1: dating and relationships, Part 2: basic social interaction) will generate additional information, but for our purposes, I will list some basic beneficial body language exercises.
I think more than 90% of confidence comes from non-verbal cues.You can see it easily.Confident people are very different from shy and timid people.
Stand up straight but relax.You don't want to be as stiff as a bar on your spine, but you don't want to have any laziness either.Stand up and let you command the room with confidence.
Keep your shoulders relaxed, but don't relax.This is more important for men than women, but for self-confidence, both apply.You want to come out of the command with no tension at all, so your shoulders should be relaxed and don't let them fall.
• Take up room.A confident person will not limit himself to a small space;When necessary, they occupy as much space as they do.This does not mean to invade the space of others, but at least separate the shoulders and do not give in unless there is a particularly good reason.
• Don’t self-hug.Any movement that allows you to catch another part of your body is considered self-Embrace, which is a remarkable sign of insecurity.Avoid this situation at all costs.

Openness is a pioneer of kindness;After all, no one will want to talk to you if you look like you're going to attack them.
Don't put anything on your chest.This is a subconscious way of creating obstacles between you and another person, which makes two people feel more alienated in conversation.You should have drinks and wallets around you and never cross your arms in front of you.
Keep your legs open.As mentioned, you want your feet to stand around your shoulders separately.If you're sitting, try to keep your open legs in the position, unless, of course, you're a woman in a skirt or a low-breast dress.Don't cross your legs more than once if they have to (because don't try to wrap your legs together ).For men, this numberFour leg crosses are always better than other methods if needed.
• Smile.This is almost a taboo.But smiling always makes you look more open and amiable.It also comes with a range of other benefits that we cover here.These tips cover most of the basics if you want to make a good impression and let others like you.If for some reason your goal is to make a negative impression, do exactly the opposite.Remember, you have the ability to control every important aspect of your appearance.When you consider a list of other things that will help you to present as a whole, the troublesome inner things, such as looks and genetics, don't matter.As we have already proven, almost all of this can be improved by practice and knowledge, so, with a little effort, you will find that you can make your appearance exactly the same as the person you want to be.
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