why is it important to mask our facial expressions Who Is Your Ideal Client?

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Who Is Your Ideal Client?
Last week, I spoke to a VA who tried to decide who her ideal client was.She chose a market that she thought would be a "good market" to work with because they needed a lot of support.I asked her if she had any experience in that industry.She said no.I asked her if she was interested in what they did.She said no.I asked her why she wanted to work with them and she didn't know what would excite her to work with them every day.Just as we talked, she said she was really more willing to work with an industry she loves.We talked about how important it is to love the work you do, but it is also important for customers who like to work with you, having a common interest with them will certainly help you get excited about their needs.We discussed what types of clients she could work with, who could take advantage of her expertise and narrow her target market in our 15-minute consultation call!This is all part of choosing the ideal customer.Why are they ideal?Because you are the perfect person to work with, they are the perfect person to work with you.You provide the expert support they need to develop their business.You know everything about them, understand their industry and business, and you will be an active partner in their business.If you want to develop a highly recommended business, the best way to start is to get in touch with your ideal customer...Because once you find one, you will find a lot (they hang out in the same place often!) When you start to work successfully with your ideal customer, you will get a recommendation from a more ideal customer and you will get into the referral only business well.Ask yourself these questions :-Are they male or female?
-How old are they?
-Are they married?Do they have children?
-What nationality are they?
-How do they surf the Internet?offline?
-What business are they doing?
-Where do they live/work?
-Do you love what they do?
-Are you interested or knowledgeable about their industry or career?
-Where do they hang out and surf the Internet?offline?
-Who are their customers?
-What specific benefits will they have to work with you?
-Why do you want to work with them?
-What help do they need?What help do they need?
-How do you solve their problem?Asking yourself questions like this will help you really narrow down who your ideal customers are so you can make your marketing messages and talk directly to them.Sometimes we can't answer questions like this when we start listing them, it's okay!If you are not sure, then you are not clear enough about who you can provide the best service.Brainstorm with othersThis will usually help, just like the va I interviewed last week.The more clear you are to your ideal customer, the more time you save in marketing your business, and the more successful you are in building your business.You will build a clear, focused message and you will also build a perfect network for you to be on your way to these referrals!
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