why is it important to mask our facial expressions You Can Tell a lot from a Person’s Handshake

why is it important to mask our facial expressions You Can Tell a lot from a Person’s Handshake
It may be a subject of much criticism, so much so that I am almost embarrassed to write it.But I can't.You can learn a lot from the way a person shakes hands with you.Whether or not they want you to knowHow is this possible?How do you know if this person has no weak hands or other medical conditions that prevent them from doing any other type of handshake, except as if you were shaking a tissue with something?Or, does this person not know his power (which is why I can't feel my hand within minutes of shaking hands with him )?How can you really tell a lot of things to a person by shaking hands with you?Keep reading and I will share some ideas on this topic ...... A new director, a new Bosa many years ago, I work in a big company that supports many sectors of infrastructure.The group covers so many areas that I often wonder why all of this responsibility is placed under one group instead of several.Personally, I think there has to be a change because sooner or later something will happen and it won't be very beautiful when it happens.At the same time, the company began to experience some financial difficulties, leading to rumors that the factory began to work overtime.What are the main rumors?"I heard there is a potential RIF coming soon!(RIF = reduced troops or personnel ).This is enough to make many people feel a little uneasy about the future of their position in the company.Shortly after the staff started hearing buzz about possible RIF, the vice president in charge of my department hired a new director to manage many organizations, including me.Usually, when someone enters a new leadership position, they want to leave their mark in the company.One way they usually do this is by re-doingOrganize departments.My team has the opportunity to meet the new director in the coming week or so.He told us during the meeting that he had no intention of making any re-entryWhat is the organization of my group?so-ever.He smiled sincerely.At the end of the meeting, when I went to shake hands with him, he held my hand in some way, and I hardly felt his hand there.As if he really didn't want to shake my hand.More interestingly, as soon as I shook his hand, I felt that the person was not sincere and lied to me, which was the first thing that flashed through my mind.Personally, I was completely unprepared for the impression he gave me by shaking hands.At that time, I was afraid of my work, almost automatically.I don't know why, but it is.There were so many of us, so before we left the room, he actually shook hands with me for the second time.Again, the feeling after my first handshake wasenforced.After the meeting, a lot of people from my department and I discussed our impressions of the new director in separate meetings.What came out?How did he make them feel when they shook hands with him.They feel exactly the same way I do.So, what happened to this new director in that company later?Ten days later, I started working and found that the new director had resigned and accepted a position in another company closer to home.For people at this level, a new position will not appear so soon.There were many interviews before the offer, not to mention formal acceptance and confirmation.For me, this explains the disingenuous feeling we get from his handshake.It is clear that the new director has no intention of staying in my company.He just used his salary to pay his immediate expenses until he got a better deal and he had some work to do before he started my company.The type of handshake and what they think of you Below is some form of handshake and what they often say to a person.Please note that although the handshake is expected to vary depending on the culture in which the exchange takes place.Nevertheless, the information below is based on most Western cultures.Even in Western culture, specific community groups may have their own views on what is right and what is not a handshake (E.G.g.If a man is not the husband of a Jewish woman in Hassidic, his handshake with her is considered rude and totally unacceptable ).A lingering handshake: a standard handshake, an extra few handshakes, holding on for a few seconds.I find this often happens when old friends meet or say goodbye to dear ones.Among business people, it can give some opportunities to exchange positive ideas.Make sure to do it only with people you know very well, otherwise it may be accepted in a completely wrong way.Pump: similar to a lingering handshake.Shake hands through the pump, this person will grab you and then they will pump your arm like they try to pump water from the old-fashioned faucet.Usually, the pump pumps your hands from seven to ten to fifteen times before the pump stops.Once they stop pumping, they usually grab your hand until you take it away from them.It is usually done by strong withdrawal.Push off: this is when your hand is pushed off at the end of the handshake.This may be subtle, but on the receiving end of the push, it can be interpreted as a negative message.Pull: A handshake causes one to pull the other closer.This often speaks a language that controls the body.If someone pulls you closer to them while holding your hand, how would you feel?Advantage: If you take your hands first, you will show your advantage.It is the body language that controls people.Secondly, if you mention it first, you should cheer up. This may indicate that you are humble and that you are serving others.The fingers creak: the fingers are held and crushed, not the palm of the hand.Is it sports to give others a little pain when shaking hands?This can be painful.People who make fingers crunch will say they can't judge their power, but if you pay attention, please be aware that they won't do it while shaking the woman's hand.Bone crunch: like a finger crunch, there is the same grip around the hand.Enough said.Please see the comments on the crunchy fingers above.Palm Pine: this is usually from a woman, with only a few fingers and thumbs holding the palm and shaking it.This is actually the norm for women in some cultures.If a man shakes hands with you like this, it can be considered from someone who doesn't want to shake hands with you.When a person shakes hands in this way, unsincerity often comes into his mind.Tongue twister: this may have started with a normal jitter, but in the end there will be one twist and the other on it.Sometimes a person means to express the warmth of sympathy with this handshake, but usually it is interpreted as showing that a person has a controlling personality.Especially if it is pulled in by a shaken hand before the other hand reaches the top.This type of handshake can also be considered invasive or just too personal.Dead fish: this is one of my least favorite fish!This is a cold, emotional, and sometimes wet hands shake hands.This is basically a definition of complete indifference to the person who shook hands with them.(Note: Sometimes people who give a "dead fish" type handshake may have a physical purpose that prevents them from holding a person's hand.) Left hand handshake: those who give the left handA handshake is at least seen as a bit strange and at most seen as disappointmentInsult.For some, it's as bad as spitting.Want to know why?In some cultures, you wipe your ass with your left hand.In many Western cultures this is considered a sign of total disrespect for another person, so why would you do it first.There are only a few different types of handshakes there.What are some comments or examples of handshakes you 've seen and experienced?
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