why is it important to mask our facial expressions Your words are more powerful than you think

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Your words are more powerful than you think
It's easy to say words just words.Once you have said these words, they are like evaporation into the air and will not have a real impact on the world.However, this way of thinking is actually far from the facts.Once you say it, you can't take it back.You may feel bad or sorry, but these words have already been said.Body language is the same;Your movements and facial expressions are more than just random actions that are not important.They are strong, strong and lasting.They have the ability to improve someone and make her feel special.They can also knock someone down and hurt her deeply.Let's see how this is applied in some different situations: how are you?For example, someone asked you, "How are you?Great if you answer!"With a bright smile on your face, add luster to your eyes, how does this make you feel?How does this make you feel about the day you have?What impact would you have on another person's day?Suppose you answer, "it's terrible!"You sighed with a big anger on your face.About the day you are going through, what type of information did you send yourself?What emotions do you transmit throughout the body and the world?Let's say you answer this most of the time.How do you feel?What about the person you spoke?You are ...... Let's say you tell someone over and over again that she's great, great, smart and beautiful-you don't just say it.Every word makes your eyes shine.Your heartfelt smile lets her know how much you care about what you mean.How will she feel?How do you feel?Suppose you tell someone over and over again that she is hopeless, stupid, ugly.Your eyes penetrate directly through her core with their anger.Your sharp tone makes her feel small and insignificant.Just words?Hardly!
Just a little facial expression, or just your tone, no damage done?Maybe it's time to think about it again.Pay attention to the words you use and your body language.What message did you send yourself in your language, facial expressions and actions?What message are you sending to others?How do you want to change this from now on?
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