woman nicknamed ‘pizza face’ claims cannabis has ‘cured her severe acne’ - organic honey skin care products

woman nicknamed ‘pizza face’ claims cannabis has ‘cured her severe acne’  -  organic honey skin care products
A woman was brutally called "pizza face" when she was eight years old"
The one-year fight against acne claimed to have cleared her spots with marijuana tablets.
Emily McClarron is too self.
She realized that she did not want to leave the house.
Over the years, she has tried everything from antibiotics to homemade facial cleanser, but until she starts taking kanabetol (CBD)
She said she saw different capsules. The 25-year-
Old from Essex, after her doctor advised her to try a course of Roaccutane, turned to a controversial treatment-a powerful acne treatment that could lead to some
"The Cannabis capsule makes me feel more relaxed and stress is a huge trigger for my skin --
"Said Emily.
"I read online that sesame oil can reduce inflammation, pain and anxiety.
"There may not be many concluding scientific studies on it, but it certainly works for me.
"Some studies have found that cannabinol can help relieve symptoms of skin diseases such as eczema, but there is little evidence that it can cure acne.
When 17 years old, her cheeks and chin began to show persistent angry spots, Emily began to tirelessly browse through every skin treatment she could find. “It was awful.
I tried everything, but it didn't seem to help . "
"I will try to cover up these places with cosmetics --
Up, just so frustrated and frustrated with how I look.
When I look in the mirror, all I see is acne.
"Emily, who has been dating 27-year-old plasterer Connor Antoine for years, has been back and forth with her doctor for nine years, in order to reduce her outbreak, I prescribed everything from antibiotics to gels.
But it seems to be useless.
"I have a bad reaction to everything," she said . ".
"I had a rash all over my body and my face rose like a wasp Ding.
"With a gel, I even felt the top layer of the skin was burnt.
I implore my doctor to introduce me to the dermatologist and hope they can make other suggestions.
"My wisdom is over.
My skin is too bad. the stranger asked me, what's wrong with your skin?
, Called me "jagged monster" and "pizza face" and hurt a lot.
"Earlier this year, after eight years of suffering, Emily was finally referred to an expert, Roaccutane, a powerful acne drug.
"I know I don't want the drug because although it works for a lot of people, it does have a lot of bad side --
Effect warnings, including depression and mood changes, "said Emily, who works as a stock controller.
"I'm already frustrated because of my skin and don't want to risk feeling worse.
"My friend will let me go to the bar or have dinner, but I don't want to leave the house.
"My anxiety is getting worse because I am so insecure about how I look.
Connor would say I look beautiful, but I don't believe it.
Emily felt helpless, so she turned to the kitchen cabinet and began to make her own skin care products.
"I don't want to put a very strong drug in my body, but I don't know what else to do," she said . ".
"So, I started working online on how to treat acne and read articles that honey and ginger powder can help with acne.
To be honest, I tried everything at the time.
"Mixing the two ingredients together, Emily begins to use her mixture as a mask and then wash her face with honey, poached oil, evening primrose oil and lavender oil.
Three months ago, Emily discovered the CBD capsule and began taking a 10 mg tablet a day.
Emily's pills contain CBD oil, a non-exciting ingredient found in cannabis plants.
Soon Emily began to notice that her stress levels had fallen, as had her outbreak.
"Since I started taking capsules and homemade skin care products, people have told me how amazing my skin looks," she said . ".
"When I told them it was up to the cannabis capsule, they did ask if it was legal and of course it was legal.
"Before that I would have had a very bad rest if I felt anxious --
If not, but the pills made me feel much calmer so I didn't get terrible acne.
"Marijuana didn't cure me, but it controlled my severe acne once and for all.
"Right now, Emily is even considering selling her homemade skin products to help others, and has already sold sesame oil capsules in the UK.
"My skin is much better now," she said . ".
"I still have some scars, but now I 've been able to get treatment to help them out, and even finally have the confidence to go out without makeup --
I have never done this before.
"I have reached the point where I don't care what people think, and I am very satisfied with my way.
"One of the main ingredients of medical marijuana cannabidiol is also used to treat a range of issues including mental health, sleep problems, low appetite, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease and palliative care
It is also said to help prevent signs of aging and prevent eczema and psoriasis.
Last year, the World Health Organization announced that it was safe to use the CBD without the risk of addiction.
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