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Women's Public Restroom Etiquette 101 - wet tissues stick to my shoes

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-12
Women\'s Public Restroom Etiquette 101  -  wet tissues stick to my shoes
It's time for potty! Oh dear.
I can't really believe this is where I write.
But here I am. hub.
I saw so many disgusting behaviors in the women's restroom that I had to write this article.
In general, I am not just ashamed;
I am ashamed of the whole society. So, here we go.
Let's go on this potty trip together, shall we?
The person reading this center, I'm sorry you were not included.
I don't want to go to the men's toilet very much, so you guys are there alone.
I'm sure you'll benefit from the men's toilet etiquette center, but I'm not the one to do that.
There are a lot of stalls, please don't be in the booth next to me.
-If there are two stalls and I am occupying one, please use the booth next to me anyway.
If there are ten stalls, why oh why, are you at the booth next to me?
--xa0I would love a little bit of privacy.
--xa0I know all the stalls look disgusting except the one you just picked, but other than that, leave a space between us.
Also, don't look under the booth.
This is creepy.
When I was at the booth, I asked random women to compliment my shoes!
--xa0You see too much at my booth, madam.
You need to step back and not say a word.
At my booth, my situation is obviously not very good.
Normally I always check before I go in, but sometimes I just forget.
Please help me out.
If you are at the next booth, please hand in some toilet paper under the wall if I ask.
If you are at a booth further away from me (thanks, by the way), please hand me some toilet paper as you leave.
-This is a good thing.
I know it's awkward, but it's not an interesting time for me either.
I think some people like to spend time in the common room, so maybe that's why I always find the artwork in the booth.
Thank you for your graffiti, but it's totally unnecessary.
No, I don't want your ex.
Phone Number of boyfriend
No, I don't care if you fall in love with your current boyfriend.
The stall door is not so exciting.
As for more, umm. . .
Exquisite theme. . .
Please don't wipe the poop on the wall. You heard me.
You know who you are.
What the hell are you thinking?
What motivates you to do something like this?
Please seek treatment immediately.
I mean it.
Is this a fetish?
Are you unstable?
What's wrong with you?
When we discuss this topic, my friend also advises you not to stick female napkins on the wall.
Yes, this rule applies whether it is used or new.
We don't need to see that.
Thank you, but no.
I'm sure some women have become an Olympic sport by hovering over their seats and never sitting in the toilet in the public toilet.
I applaud your efforts.
Some of you have mastered this practice to an impressive level and you should teach others.
However, some of you have not yet mastered the technology. That is OK.
Now that you 've managed to jingle your seat, please wipe it off before leaving the booth.
It is completely disgusting when you leave it.
Also, if you are offended by the public restroom and can't even sit on the toilet seat, you should do your part to keep them clean.
If you create a "nest" with toilet paper or use a flush seat cover, remember to clean it up from the toilet.
No one wants to deal with the toilet paper you used in your seat.
If there are not many toilets, you can flush it down, or if you have created a huge toilet paper nest, you can use the female napkin handling device on the side of the booth. FLUSH! ! !
This is a very simple concept.
Flush the toilet if you use the bathroom.
If the toilet does not work properly and the first flush does not work properly, please flush again.
If you are reading this center, you are smart enough to use the toilet normally.
That's simple.
Also, do not block the toilet with random items.
Toilet paper can be processed.
--xa0It can't always handle women's products and it can't handle paper towels, receipts and other items.
Good toilet for public toilets.
We all need to use it.
Now our journey is almost over (thank God!
), It's time to talk about the last step.
You need to wash your hands.
Please tell me you're washing your hands, right?
Don't keep the water running anyway.
This is not good for anyone.
When making sure that water is always off no matter where you go, it helps to prevent water shortage.
I hope this center will help you.
--xa0Please remember to keep the public restroom clean as much as possible.
No one likes to use them, but we are all forced to do so when we are away from home for a long time.
--xa0Now, I'm done. xa0Write this etiquette center for women's toilets.
Sometimes it's dirty to write hub, but someone has to do it.
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