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working with leather - free article courtesy of ... - making your own skin care products to sell uk

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-20
working with leather - free article courtesy of ...  -  making your own skin care products to sell uk
This can be simple and basic or advanced and professional.
There are many books, brochures, reprints, and even articles that describe how to collect a simple article from a basic design that was purchased from a supplier as a kit.
There are even several sets of instructions on the Internet.
It's good for young people who just want to make gifts for themselves or for their favorite aunts.
However, if you want to make things more complicated, earn income, make a living on craft, become a Craftsman/craftsman, make and design you own a range of high quality leather products, then the brief description above does not help you.
There used to be some advanced university courses on this topic.
The best of them was offered by Cordwainers College in the UK, with students from all over the world taking a two-year course in leather craft and taking the City and Guild leather products exams.
Sadly, due to the lack of government funding for the Academy & the inability of UK students to receive funding, these excellent craft courses are no longer available.
The content of the course provides participants with the skills equivalent to the excellent craftsmen hired (taught) by French "Hermes.
So, what is not provided in the simple instructions?
How to make your own design, make your own pattern, cut economically from the skin, or hide, estimate and spend the amount of leather used, how to sew by hand with two needles and Diamond cones (like a professional leather worker or saddle worker ).
Use "harness" iron "to cut leather, flip, understand and utilize all construction methods to name just a few more advanced technologies.
The old lessons have gone but skills and techniques can now be found in my leather instruction manual where the first 3 are written & can be downloaded from my websitebooks.
However, there are still four to write.
So what sets me apart is the ability to provide this level of knowledge and skills more precisely.
The war is just over, I work for top London companies in the UK, when the UK leather products industry was the best in the world, I made leather products for top shops in London, royalty members, movie stars, the head of state, from a craftsman to a director of the work, I work hard all the way.
Complete the career of the University hod I mentioned earlier & be the City and Guild host of their 470 leather products courses.
Read more about all of this & see more details about the contents of these manuals & get opportunities for these skills and techniques that have never been published (some of them are not even available in university courses ), then visit my website.
While you are there, take advantage of the free download and also feel free to use the extensive research and reference section of the site, covering all aspects of this different topic.
You can find: leather suppliers, museums, other leather books, leather organizations, manufacturers of finished leather products, leather shops and shopping malls, leather importers and exporters, and more.
The handling of the leather also involves & the product allows you to take care of those expensive leather items you have, as well as the advice of experts in this field.
For those fascinated by past events, the history of leather goods is explored.
I hope this article and access to my site will prove useful and instructive & I am happy to answer any real emails about this very old craft.
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