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For 70 years, I have lived in a world that most people are not familiar.An extraordinary spiritual world tells me to leave a message to someone completely new.This is a world full of spiritual signs that an answer is about to be revealed to me.
My spiritual world is a world full of miracles, with black curtains and the most amazing coincidence."I'm a caulker.Now what?Finally, I wrote a book that tried to answer the question.This book is for others, for those who are just curious about us, and for anyone who reaches out to find an answer to their own experience.
I have known all my life that I was born with a veil, but until my mother, Lillian Olivier Banville, passed away, I began to realize that the spiritual experiences I have experienced so often in the past are real and understand what they mean, you know, I have a special gift like everyone else I know except my mother.My mother was born on 1908 with a veil.In those days, these things were a closely guarded family secret.During his life in New Orleans, Anna State, Jackson Square has a famous hanging tree.
They hang people who suspect supernatural abilities.At that time (now) was born with a veil, with a shame that the instigator was either an evil witch or just an ordinary madman.Of course, not my mom.nor am I.But now you may begin to understand why it is so important for my mother to keep all her secret miracles and supernatural activities secret.
Still, I had the privilege of witnessing some of her miracles before she died, when I was 90 years old.When I was a kid, my familyEven our family doctor.M.The stadium where I was sent.I will call me special""Special" means special gifts in those days, and I often wonder why people call me this way.
Then they always said, "Oh, that's right!You were born with a veil."No matter how many times I 've heard this during my growth, I 've never really understood what they're talking about, and I don't know what it really means to be born with caul.Recalling my father's lost search for a Fishing Creek in Arkansas, I remember telling him how far to go and he would find the creek on the left.
We have never been there before in the summer vacation.But like a little movie that's been played over and over again in my mind, I can see babbab's chatty Creek, trees hanging by the water, fish skipping the waves, and picnic tables sitting by the water's edge.I can hear a voice telling me where to go and what to tell my father.
Sure enough, we found the stream where I said it.I looked at me doubtfully with my parents, and my brothers and sisters were surprised to see that I had a distinct memory.But nothing.I don't know why;I just thought everyone in the car had the same experience.
In fact, I think everyone is staring at me because I am a cute little girl and I am only 8 years old.It is very rare to be born with a veil.Dr.The stadium cut the veil from my body, and he explained to my parents that the veil was not a amniotic sac, but a separate skin attached to the body.Most babies born with a veil have a facial covering, he said, but my veil covers my whole body.
Although he gave birth to many babies in New Orleans and gave birth to some supplements, they all had facial veils.My veil was the first full veil he had ever seen, and he described it as a clear, natural skin.This is considered a very auspicious sign, for according to superstition the veil is not a good sign from God.
Luckily my veil was kept and I still kept it.Obviously, according to the superstition and belief that had caul hundreds of years ago, in general, this brought both good luck and a strong guarantee to prevent drowning.Under the power of these superstition, on 1941, my veil traveled with my uncle, Rene Clement Olivier, when he commanded a ship in Japanese waters during World War II.
Thanks to modern technology and a more liberal attitude towards those who have a special gift from God, it is now more acceptable to speak in the secret of the house.The skeptics were still alive, but they did not bother me;Somehow I can know who is a skeptic and who is not a skeptic.I find that sooner or later a skeptic will receive a spiritual message through me, which will soon make him or her a believer.
It's just that God proves that he is real and that he is going their way through me.Even so, I rarely tell anyone about my gift unless someone asks, or unless I leave a message to them.That's what God has done recently.One of my closest cousins has never heard of me being born with a veil.
My secret has always been so conservative.When he heard someone asking me about it, he seemed to find the whole thing funny.He began to laugh and make fun of me.I don't know why but for some strange reason people like this think "shhh" or start giving me their impression of "ghost" sound is very interesting.
It usually doesn't work if they want to upset me.I just attribute it to the fact that people don't know anything about the huge nature of spiritual gifts.Who will know that at the next family party, Easter, I get a message when I talk to my unenlightened cousin?The clear message is "Please tell his wife not to cry for me because I am dead.
Tell her I understand her sadness and I'm happy now."I don't know who this message came from, but I know it has to be passed on.Without revealing anything unusual happened, I asked my cousin to call his wife by our side.
When she came over, I told them all the information in my head.His wife, who came from Thailand, gently walked to the corner of the patio and began to cry involuntarily.My cousin was shocked to tell me that his wife's father had recently died in Thailand and that she was desperately missing her father at the moment, full of longing for her family who came home.
Understandably, she was confused by what I said, but when my cousin explained that I was born with a veil, she immediately understood what it meant.I feel really humble.I can't explain the feeling at all.My cousin kept asking, "How do you know?But I always knew.We used to call this a Kodak moment.What a joy!This is true: God works in mysterious ways.
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