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Toohpaste has a variety of brands and toothpaste is used to promote oral hygiene.Except 20-42% water, toothpaste comes from a variety of ingredients, the three main ingredients are abrasive, fluoride and detergent.The Greeks, then the Romans, improved the formula of toothpaste by adding grinding agents such as ground bones and oyster shells.
In the 9 th century, Iraqi musician and fashion designer zilab invented a toothpaste and promoted it throughout the Islamic State of Spain.The exact composition of this toothpaste is unknown, but it is reported to be both "functional and delicious ".I don't know if these early toothpaste were used alone, whether it was rubbed on the teeth with a rag or with an early toothbrush such as neem-Branches and miswak.
Toothpaste or powder was widely used in the 19 th century.Tooth powder used for toothbrushes was widely used in the United Kingdom in the 19 th century.Most are made with chalk, powdered bricks or salt as ingredients.
A 1866-square-meter Family Encyclopedia recommends powdered charcoal and warns that many patented dental powders sold commercially do more harm than good.Arm & Hammer sells baking soda-Colgate currently sells about 2000 dental powder in the United States, and currently sells dental powder in India and other countries.An 18th-Toothpaste recipes in the United States and Britain of the century require bread burning.
Another recipe at this time is dragon blood (a resin), cinnamon and burnt alum.Before 1900, it is recommended to use a paste made of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda with a toothbrush.Pre-Mixed toothpaste was first listed in the 19 th century, but it did not exceed the popularity of teeth.
Powder before World War IOn 1880, Dr.
Sheffield, Washington, New London, CT made toothpaste into foldable test tubes.Creme toothpaste from Sheffield.His son went to Paris and he had the idea after seeing the paint on the tubes.In New York in 1896, Colgate's Dental Cream was packaged in a foldable test tube imitating Sheffield.
The original foldable toothpaste tube was made of lead
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