world war 1 facial masks iran vows to nuke green zone kim jong il nukes hillary ...

It was one thing when she had to defend the gang rape because of his disloyalty with Gennifer Flowers.It was one thing when she had to defend the gang rape because he was not loyal to Monica Lewinsky.Any woman who has suffered such public humiliation will hate men.They call him Mini Mao.
The West has invested billions of dollars in North Korea to prevent North Korea from spreading nuclear technology to Syria and Iran and feed hungry men, women and children.The money went straight into Kim Jong Il's pocket and Kim Jong Il bought Saddam-style palaces with swimming pools, slides, beautiful young blonde virgins, yachts and bullets, used to perform biblical nuns.Blowing the world off and letting your knob touch is one thing for Mini Mao, but you will never do that, insult the clothes of the First Lady and the Secretary of State of the United States, and live to tell about it.
Kim provided nuclear technology and long-range missiles to Iran on Sunday.On behalf of Khamenei again today, Ahmadinejad vowed to erase Israel from the map.How the Ayatollah plans to erase the whole country from the EarthWith paintball?This is not to say that Mahmoud is only a puppet of Khamenei, but yesterday, Mahmoud was forced to fire his new vice president and machete for calling Israel a friend of Iran a few years ago.Iran does not recognize Israel, probably because of Hashed's clothing.
In ancient Rome, the emperor was regarded as one of the gods.Religion has been banned in North Korea and Kim Jong Il must be regarded as God.This week, the North Korean God called Hillary Clinton "a pensioner wearing a suit to shop ".World War I was caused by gunfire heard around the world.At this rate, the nuclear disaster of the third world war may have been caused by insults heard around the world.
When was the last time Kim Jong Il appeared on Kim?Blackwell's list of "10 Best Dressed Men?Who designed his African wig?Did Mahmoud get the idea of his trench coat from Kim's green suit?Mahmoud said Iran has tested a missile that analysts say could hit Israel and the United States.S.Bay base including green area.
Hillary Clinton said the mini-hair "is like a child or a unruly teenager who needs attention.Kim called the First Lady "stupid", but Hillary Clinton knew the story of the "Wolf" boy.Is North Korea's jockey short or short?Why do dictators hate the women who laid hands on them?
Today, another leader of the puppet Revolutionary Guard of Khamenei has once again threatened to burn Israel.The bored Shepherd cried, "Wolf!The villagers ran to save him and found him a liar.During the six-party talks on October 2007, Kim Jong Il agreed to dismantle North Korea's nuclear program.On 2000, Kim Jong Il, who claimed to be addict on the Internet, visited Pyongyang and asked Secretary of State Madeline Allbright about her email address.
Kim likes to read about himself on the Internet, which may be the reason why he threatens the United States, South Korea and Japan every day.Last week, Kim threatened the recording industry in California, Japan.When the boys and sheep were really attacked by wolves, the villagers ignored the cries of the shepherds.
The American people are now in a state of chaos.Decades ago, the United States attacked Iraq on the basis of Saddam's nuclear weapons.Bush is the boy who shouted Wolf.Now, the American people do not believe in their own leaders, nor do they believe in their own feelings.Although North Korea has just tested another nuclear weapon, they doubt whether it has nuclear weapons.Although Khamenei and Ahmadinejad's puppet master, Maybah Yazdi, also suspect that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, nostradamus's third anti-Christ Mabus himself said, "under Muslim law, it's legal to use a nuclear bomb.
According to psychiatrist and best-selling author M.Scott Pike, in the man of lies, "the lies of the wicked are endless and obvious ".North Korea is building nuclear bombs and missiles and selling them to Iran and Syria.Iran is building nuclear bombs and plans to provide them to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine.
If George Bush does not intend to sell nuclear reactors to India and Saudi Arabia, perhaps the United States will have more credibility in ending nuclear proliferation.Earth, our home, is a small ball flying in space. the wind of our own nuclear bomb will blow radioactive dust to the heads of American boys and girls, not hit directly in the green area.Hell is not as angry as the laughing shepher woman.

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