would you put cat poop on your face? - games facial mask beauty treatment

would you put cat poop on your face?  -  games facial mask beauty treatment
In addition to strange skin care products, this treatment promises to be stricter and healthier
Unusual beauty treatments for moist skin are not fresh.
In the past, men and women have tried masks made of bee poison, creams made of snail mucus, and even bird poop faces.
Then it's no surprise to use cat feces for ultra-luxurious skin treatments.
Hermetise's Kopi Luwak defense
The cost of more than $4,994 of contaminated oxygen lighting treatment (
About RS 31,800)
These three steps combine the world's most expensive coffee gold with the feces of civet.
It claims not just to clean and brighten the skin, but to use-
Aging ingredients.
Civet eats lui Luwak coffee beans and cannot fully digest and discharge them, collected by farmers and sold as one of the most expensive coffees in the world.
But is it good for skin care? Dr. Mohan Thomas, senior cosmetic surgeon at the Institute of cosmetic surgery, believes that this strange treatment works at a psychological level.
"Since they are made of foreign substances that are expensive and difficult to obtain, one may think it is effective.
There is no way to prove that these ingredients are useful to the skin, not to mention the face skin. The tried-and-
The cream tested has been studied for many years.
There are effective ways to use these creams.
Their side effects were studied in detail.
In addition, a cream cannot be used for all skin types and therefore requires a mixture of exfoliating, sunscreen and moisturizer, "he said.
He also suggested checking with experts before trying these products.
While some of the ingredients used are common, such as gold and coffee, the cat's feces themselves are problematic.
Dr. Soma Sarkar, medical director and dermatologist at the skin Inn, explained, "as a doctor, I can guarantee gold and coffee as both have counter-effects
Coffee is also a detoxification agent, so it helps to eliminate toxins and bring a beautiful glow to the skin.
But I have questions about cat shit.
At least in India, we don't have any products on these production lines.
We use caviar here, but animal feces are a bit weird.
"Dr. Geeta Fazalbhoy, dermatologist and founder of the skin clinic, believes that there are new products and new creams on the market every day, but there is no research or documented evidence that they are valid.
She warned, "there may be serious contact dermatitis on some people's faces.
I do not recommend using these products before testing them, we have data to support them to be hypoallergenic and contain well researched ingredients.
Dermatologist and beauty teacher Dr. Dana Punjab added, "I personally think that this treatment is not only strange, but there is no scientific basis and research.
They waste their time and money and bring great hope to people, but the result is terrible.
Under the expertise and guidance of trained and well-known dermatologists, it is always better to use known products.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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