wound healing facial mask an old-fashioned wound healing treatment resurrection: the ...

wound healing facial mask an old-fashioned wound healing treatment resurrection: the ...
Whenever you or someone you love happens to be injured, bruised or burned, you may go straight to the medicine cabinet to find some kind of preservative or antibiotic ointment and use a bandage to make everything betterWhile many modern concentrations of lotions, potions, and cream are a recognized method of treating injury, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that there is another method that works equally well, find cheap treatments in the baking aisle of your nearest grocery store.At this point, you may want to know what this person may be referring?A cheaper wound healing solution can be found in the baking section?You might be thinking, I must have overdone it here.It is entirely understandable that you may come to this conclusion.However, I am totally serious about this and the above solution I am referring to is simple table sugar!Yes, I'm talking about the regular white granulated sugar that you use in the kitchen to season the food, or put in the coffee to make it sweeter.Sugar is a very good antibacterial medium.It is reported that sugar has been used to help heal wounds since our ancestors.In fact, some records show that the antibacterial properties of sugar have been effectively used for at least 5,000 years!With ever-More and more strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics have been found, which has begun to become a considerable problem.However, what makes sugar unique is that it contains the properties that bacteria do not resist.While sugar is a good antibacterial agent for minor wounds and bruises, it is also very effective in healing deeper or more severely infected wounds (such as ulcers, punctures, and amputations.Sugar also has good results in healing burns and abscess, even those with very severe burns and abscess.Simply put, the basic and cheap table sugar is very effective, and in some cases it can even help save someone's life!For example, there is a special case where a patient is very close to an amputee in order to help save their lives, but the doctor is able to help save this limb, and the life of the patient, just treat the wound with a simple sugar dressing!Another benefit of sugar is that it helps the wound heal very quickly in a number of ways, and at the same time there are almost no skin scars.Sugar acts as penetration shock therapy by attracting, absorbing and drying wounds, as well as inhibiting bacterial invasion while gently stimulating the growth of new tissues.You can use the granulated sugar alone, or you can use it in combination with povidone iodine (pronounced POE-vi-done EYE-oh-Dane), you can find it in any local pharmacy chain like "Walgreens" to form a smeared paste.You can also store any unused part of the mixture in a tightly sealed container for reuse later.As with any type of trauma, clean and rinse the cavity with clean water and peroxide and apply compression until the damage stops bleeding.Wrapping the wound quickly with sugar can lead to excessive bleeding from the wound.In order to keep the wound from infection continuously, check the packaging and dressing of the wound frequently.When the sugar bag becomes syrup or liquefied, rinse off the old liquid and dead tissue substance with clear water, repack and apply the bandage with sugar.The next time you or your loved one is injured, you may consider going to get your sugar bowl instead of a tube of antibiotic ointment.Sometimes give it a try and you may be surprised by the speed at which the wound begins to heal!
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