wound healing facial mask drink plenty of fluids to help your skin heal faster

wound healing facial mask drink plenty of fluids to help your skin heal faster
Laser-Laying, the surface is to use a beam of light to provide specific energyDense areas of skin.This is done in two ways, namely DE and DEAblation laser resurfacing.Laid with the instrument, the surface of the skin is destroyed in a controlled way, in which the lower layer of the pink skin is exposed.The laser power is then reduced for heating the leather to promote the growth of collagen fibers.This leads to a new, softer, less wrinkled skin wound healing.Non-The Ablative skin is not paved.Everything, the skin becomes hot and stimulates the growth of new skin.So basically, when the skin is burned, a lot of recovery is needed after the surgery.Here are some precautions after laser repair of the face.All treated skin should be sprayed with moisturizing cream on a regular basis.In the first few days, the facial wound should be cleaned every six hours with Cetaphil soap and cold water, and then washed twice a day.To treat large area wounds in wet areas, apply Aquaphor ointment.This can prevent the formation of scabs in the future.Nevertheless, do not rub, scrub or touch any scabs if there is a scabs.Drink plenty of liquid to help your skin heal faster and look better.You need to drink about 8 ounces of water every 2 ounces.3 hours the first week after surgery.If the treatment is in your mouth, take theWithin five days of laser facial styling, viral drugs, such as ACV.In addition, antibiotics were used as Keflex one week after surgery.However, these pains must be taken into account in determining them.Some people may have itching for three days after laser repair.In order to relieve the itchy, cool place of the ice bag in the treatment area.It may take about a week for the skin to heal.When he recovers, apply a moisturizer on your skin regularly to keep the skin moist and make sure the skin is not dry.Women are advised to make up at least a week after laser skin styling.It will only cause damage to the recovery of the skin.Use minerals if necessaryHide the foundation of skin redness.Last but not least, don't bask in the sun at least a month after surgery. The skin is very sensitive now.Even a week after surgery, it's best to wear sunscreen SPF 30 when you're in the sun.Do the following for any facial styling to recover quickly and safely from the app.
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