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wound healing facial mask honey mask for acne - selfgrowth.com
Recent studies have shown that honey can be more effective in anti-infection and wound healing than some of the most commonly used medical methods.Although scientists are still trying to understand why certain types of honey have the ability to resist bacteria and inflammation, many people with acne scars have tried this therapy for a long time in the event of skin damage.But there are a few things to consider before using honey to fight acne scars.According to the history of the Journal of the Royal Medical Society, there was evidence back in 2200 BC that the ancient Egyptians, especially honey, were used in their prescriptions for standard wound care.More than half of the 900 Egyptian remedies require a certain amount of honey.Early words and artifacts also show that ancient Assyrians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans treated wounds with honey.With the emergence of antibiotics, the presence of honey in the medical field began to disappear at 1940, but after a renaissance in the 21st century, doctors began to turn to natural infection fighters to deal with drug-resistant microorganisms, modern medicine, such as acne scars.The theory of using honey to treat acne scar bumps, white stones, black or cysts is the result of sweat gland obstruction, which becomes a shelter for bacteria.Normally, this bacteria is under your skin, but will not cause problems until the oil glands are blocked.Bacteria then refuel and breed the skin, causing inflammation of the skin, leading to acne.Scientists have several theories about why honey can help interrupt the process.Some people think that because of the high death rate of sugar, water will attract her.Bacteria need water to grow, so when sugar is applied, the bacteria lose the water they need to grow.Another theory is that the chemical reaction that takes place between glucose in honey and wound secretions seeps slowly, forming hydrogen peroxide and killing bacteria.In 2001 of the study, researchers at Oxford University compared burn patients treated with honey to burn patients treated with preservatives and found that honey was significantly better.Those treated with honey have less time to cure, eradicate infection, require less antibiotics, and spend less time in the hospital.However, no research has been published so far on the effect of honey on acne scars."It has no reason to work, so I think that's why no one is funding a study," Lisa M. said ."Donation, MD, associate professor of dermatology, Yale Medical School.Dermatologists say that although honey has achieved some success in treating ulcers, burns and other skin stimuli, it is more complicated to treat acne and the ugly scars it leaves.Many factors that affect acne treatment include genetics, sebum production, inflammation, and bacterial growth.If honey has a place in the treatment of acne scars, it should be taken as a preventive measure before scar formation.However, experts said that once scars are formed, there is no basis for the application of honey.The recommended treatments include laser treatment and chemical exfoliating.Dr.The American Dermatology Commission says scars can even improve their own time and recommends not using family therapy and honey, which he says is just a "myth ".\ "Warning you should check with your doctor before applying honey to cure acne scars, and you do more harm than good to your skin color.
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