wound healing facial mask zinc oxide: how does it benefit your skin? - selfgrowth.com

wound healing facial mask zinc oxide: how does it benefit your skin? - selfgrowth.com
Sunscreen is an important ingredient in our skin care program.In fact, enough has been said about why and how to apply sunscreen every day, no matter what time of year.Efficient sun protection comes from the use of efficient sunscreen composed of effective "Sunshine"Sift through the ingredients.Zinc oxide is one of the key ingredients in sunscreen formulation.It is known for its excellent sun protection and protection against skin damage.In fact, it is the safest and most effective ingredient to protect the skin from long-wavelength UVA radiation.The damage of ultraviolet rays to the Sun the sun light is composed of two types of ultraviolet radiation-ultraviolet a and ultraviolet B.UVA light goes deep into the skin surface, causing damage to the elastic tissue, thus accelerating the process of light aging (skin aging due to sunlight exposure.It also weakens the immune system and increases the risk of skin cancer such as melanoma.Ultraviolet B damages the surface cortex of the skin and damages the DNA structure of the skin cells.This is because they promote the formation of carcinogenic genes that convert normal cells into malignant cells, leading to basal or squamous cell carcinoma.The skin care efficacy of zinc OxideZinc is a very important element of healthy skin.In addition to sun protection, it also helps heal the wound, serves as a convergence, and also helps to treat acne.Here are the potential skin care effects of this ingredient.Sun protection zinc oxide provides excellent UV resistance, long wavelength UVA and short wavelength UVA radiation protection.In fact, it is the only component to prevent three kinds of radiation.Oral supplements for wound healing and local treatment of zinc oxide contribute to wound healing.It helps to treat bed rest, skin ulcers, surgical incision, sunburn and other skin irritation.The human body needs zinc to synthesize collagen, which is also the reason for wound healing.The human body also needs zinc to make the enzyme function normally, thus further repairing the wound.The Astring agent is a chemical that can contract skin cells and make the body tissue shrink.Zinc oxide also has subtle convergence properties that can be used as a skin desiccant.It can control inflammation and reduce the irritation and rash of the skin.Acne Treatment zinc also helps to cure acne blemishes, reduce inflammation, and control the male hormone effect on the skin that causes acne outbreaks.Product advice: Innovative Skin Care SPF 20 powder sunscreen-a powder sunscreen with a physical UV blocker containing 25% titanium dioxide and 20% zinc oxide.This special nano-technology formula provides a wide range of sun protection.It contains particulate mineral filters that protect the skin from sun burns and harmful UVA/B radiation that can lead to premature aging and skin damage.It is non-So it will not clog the pores of the skin.In addition, it does not contain spices and does not irritate the skin at all.Innovative Skin Care SPF 20 powder sunscreen with translucent bottom or sun medium.It has a brush that is easy to apply.25-this sunscreen offers a wide range-Protect and repair sun damage.It can reduce the inflammation of redness and pain of all skin types, including oily, acne and scrumpus.It contains trace amounts of zinc oxide and micro-capsule organic sunscreen, combined with powerful antioxidant plants centella, astiatica, olive leaf extract and pure vitamin E to help protect and cure the disease.Nia 24 Sun Protection SPF 30-this is a lotion recommended by doctors with a dual mechanism of action.It can protect against sun damage and can also be used as a 100% mineral sunscreen.It has no weight, no oil and is absorbed almost immediately by the skin.It is even suitable for sensitive skin types.It contains particulate titanium dioxide and particulate zinc oxide, as well as vitamin E and two-dithiols.
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