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We all want a natural, glowing complexion.No one wants wrinkles, age spots, or flaws.The amount spent each year on cosmetics and miracle creams and lotions proves this.While the cosmetics industry wants you to believe that their products are valid, you can spend a lot of money looking for products that really benefit your specific skin type.
I know that when I buy skincare products, I am usually overwhelmed by choice and price.I read the label and read their saying that this particular product would significantly reduce the signs of aging or make my skin tone bright and then I would generally question if it was true or notI don't want to spend more than $30 or see any improvement in my skin.
With this in mind, I started looking for a better and more economical skin care program.I have come to the conclusion that homemade skin care is a cheap option.Also, homemade skin care is really effective and there is no animal test.
Skin care recipes can be easily customized for each skin type.For example, people with oily skin tones may want to add a little witch hazel to their Toner mixture (because of its dry properties ), while dry skin may only add a little bit of Jasmine (moisturising dry, stressed and sensitive skin also helps to increase elasticity ).The same theory applies to moisturizing and exfoliating treatments.Each recipe can be customized to your liking.Also, the perfume you decide to choose or mix is truly unique to your taste.
The ingredients commonly used in the skin are almond oil, aloe vera, chamomile tea and green tea.Each ingredient has its own unique features.Almond oil, for example, is a vegetable oil that is very suitable for dry skin.It is used as a carrier oil mixed with other essential oils.In addition, it is easily absorbed by the skin and is an excellent moisturizer.Aloe Vera has the effect of promoting the regeneration of skin cells and is known for its therapeutic effect.Chamomile flowers tone all types of skin tone.The anti-The inflammatory effect of local application of essential oils improves skin regeneration, and cold compress is good for swollen eyes.Chamomile flowers are used for facial steam to reduce edema and clean the pores of the skin.Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and powerful antioxidant.Thus reducing inflammation of the skin.
Here is a mask recipe for dry and oily skin.

Scoop out the flesh of avocado and mashed potatoes to form a smooth paste.Apply in person and leave after 10 to 15 minutes.Soften with warm water and wipe clean.Dry your face and choose Toner and moisturizer.
Avocado is characterized by moisturizing, reducing the appearance of age spots, and treating sun damage and scars.Rejuvenate the skin.In addition, avocado increases collagen in the skin, so it is very useful for aging skin and has excellent moisturizing properties.

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