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The combination skin type is a situation where a part of the face is too dry and other areas are oily.Oily conditions usually occur in area T, which includes areas of forehead, nose and chin.These areas are more prone to rupture (pimples, pimples, pimples) because of the higher proportion of the sebum (oil-producing) glands.
Skin care programs for combined skin can be frustrating as you need to treat both oily and dry skin.However, you can take some simple skin care steps that can reduce the oil in the T area while also moisturising and moisturizing the dry area.
Just like any good skin care, it is essential to clean your skin type with the right product.For combined skin, consider cleanser with a pH balance of 7 or less.Those cleaners with higher pH balance tend to peel off the skin of their natural oil, thereby further drying the dry area and prompting more oil to be produced in the oily area.After the cleaning is completed, add toner in area T to remove excess oil such as witch hazel, chamomile or lavender.Use different Toner water such as green tea or rose water in a dry place to restore pH balance.While there seems to be a lot of work to do with two toner types, keep in mind that you are dealing with two different skin types.Another option is to buy balanced Toner.

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Boil the mint in the water for 1/2 hours and put it in the bottle.Add the rest of the ingredients and shake well.Apply with a cotton ball or cotton pad.Vibrant, clean and rejuvenated, this toner is a great choice for oily, normal and combined skin types.
Wait a few minutes to analyze your skin.Where is it?Dry places should be treated with a cream moisturizer rich in moisturizers and antioxidants.Area T should be treated with an oil emulsion or gel moisturizerFree and not allowedHydrating is required for all skin types;Dry skin needs lubrication and hydrating, while oily skin needs hydrating.If worn during the day, your moisturizer should contain at least 15 SPF;No matter what type of skin your skin is, you still need to protect it from free radicals during the day.
Exfoliating is good for all skin types, it can remove dead skin, promote circulation, smooth skin tone.Homemade exfoliating products include sugar, salt, corn flour, oatmeal and baking soda.Either of these ingredients can be mixed with your cleanser to remove dead skin.
The occasional mask is good for all skin types.The clay and mud mask can remove impurities and toxins from the skin and/or replenish water deeply.Choose a mask for the combined skin for the best results.Another option is to apply French green clay in area T (known for its ability to extract excess oil), and more gentle clay such as white clay in dry areas.
The care combination skin can be very challenging as you are really dealing with two different skin types (dry and oily ).However, there are many products on the market that combine skin, which will eliminate separate products in dry areas and oily areas.Nevertheless, when choosing skincare products, it is good for you to know that area T needs care different from the rest of the face.

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