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Do you suffer from swelling, excessive wind or flatulence, fungal skin infections, athlete's feet, thrush, etc, furry tongue, itchy skin, fatigue?You may have an imbalance of fungi in your body, and rosary beads are just a type and are very common.Fungal infection is a common cause of the above symptoms in the body.Fungi are a single organism that is very easy to grow in the body, and when they are out of balance, the fungus becomes a toxin and the body tries to detoxify.
When the natural fungal flora is in different steps in the body due to stress, infection, toxin overloadBad diet/lifestyle like metals, parasites can make you feel uncomfortable.This is when the acid/alkaline balance is broken and the fungi thrive in wet and warm conditions of the body.The excessive growth of fungi in your body will drain the important nutrients your body needs to function properly.
Fungi are mainly composed of yeast and mold.You can reach them from the air, food or environment.As mentioned above, they can affect your system in many ways.
If your house or workplace is very humid and prone to a large number of mildew or moldy spots, this may have a consumption effect on your immune system and energy reserves.Natural fungi: yeast fermentation products such as mushrooms, bread and cakes.If you are suffering from fungal overload in your system, it is best to avoid fermented products such as wine, beer, tempeh, soy, Quorn (vegetarian products derived from fungi), cheese, vinegar.
Fungal skin diseases usually continue to occur when treated locally only.They need to be processed internally to remove the roots.Treatment: including goingEmphasize the body, remove the antibacterial antidote of fungi from your system, and if necessary, some dietary and lifestyle corrections and suggestions.
Fungal infections are contagious, so good personal hygiene must be maintained.Use footwear in public swimming pools, do not share towels, etc. The ergonomic approach is to deal with this problem from the inside out.
In my experience, this makes the root cause of the problem more effective.I often have people who complain that they have dry skin, redness, scaly spots, or fungal spots, and the skin problems disappear by treating the internal digestive system
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