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Oral sore or thrush, known in professional terms and oral rosary disease as Oral Candida infection.The oral thrush is characterized by spots of white or creamy color that protrude on the inside of the cheek or tongue.Although the incidence is high in young children, oral thrush can also affect adults.
Contrary to what is widely believed, sore is not contagious.In general, this infection is mild and has no pain if the patient is in good health.However, in some cases, the severity of Thrush in the mouth is higher, accompanied by the feeling of pain.
In this case, the sore will also spread.
Oral thrush is caused by Candida, a fungus that can be found normally in the mouth and digestive tract.Normally, the immune system is designed to maintain the balance in the body of this fungus.When the immune system is suppressed, it no longer has the ability to effectively prevent the occurrence of oral thrush.
• Diabetes;• AIDS;Fluctuations in hormones;• Smoking;• Dry mouth;Treatment of certain drugs such as antibiotics, steroids, contraceptives, chemotherapy and radiation;Abnormal arrangement of teeth.This broke the lining membrane and promoted the occurrence of oral thrush.Due to the low efficiency of the immune system, newborns are more likely to have sore mouth.
In this case, the baby can pass through during breastfeeding and the mother is infected with fungi.The irritation caused by Diapers (diapers) is caused by the same type of fungus.Prominent pathology, creamy color, white or yellow lesions in the oral cavity;• Pain;• Bleeding;Cracking of the corners of the mouth;Temporarily lose taste;Difficulty swallowing.
Oral thrush is most often found on the tongue, the inside of the cheek, the gums, the esophagus, the back of the neck, and the taste.In severe cases, the infection spreads to the skin, liver, and lungs with fever.Pure Coconut oil suitable for affected areas, unrefined.
Let this remedy last for 10-15 minutes.
A teaspoon of salt is dissolved in a cup of warm water.Rinse your mouth with saline solution.As an alternative to this process, you can replace salt with apple cider vinegar.Other natural medicines for oral thrush include oregano oil, clove oil and tea tree oil.
These drugs have an antibacterial effect on the body and can be used with coconut oil.Lactating women can use any of these oils in combination with carrier oils to prevent the spread of oral thrush in infants.Leave overnight banana seeds in some water.
Crush the seeds the next day and apply the obtained paste to the affected area.Rinse your mouth with plain yogurt.Manage this process several times a day.The diet includes onions, garlic, yogurt, coconut, coconut milk and skim milk.The antibacterial properties of these foods are effective for oral thrush.
Use grapefruit seed extract.
Eat foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, iron, zinc.Avoid smoking.Maintain good oral hygiene.-Drugs and certain foods can disrupt the balance of the intestinal flora, leading to the growth of fungal bacteria, including rosary beads-The most common probioticsThe front of the ocean of lactic acid-Ability to restore this balance and prevent fungal infection.-Natural antibiotic supplement ParaProtex can prevent multiple infections caused by fungal white rosary beads, including fungal infections.
-Use Vitamin C frequently-C100 -Improve immunity and the ability of the body to prevent infection.-Chlorophyll extract in liquid form-Liquid chlorophyll-It is a herbal medicine that is very suitable for detoxifying and improving blood and lymph circulation.Due to his strong alkaline action, it also improves liver function, kidneys and colon, enhances the immune system and helps the digestive system.
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