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Honey is best known for its good treatment.Its natural sugar content and rich nutritional sources make it an excellent sweetener for coffee and sugar.Let's take a closer look at how it began to become popular, because ancient people used it centuries ago.
Honey is rich in nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants, plus its ability to prevent infection, making it a powerful healer.Since ancient times, honey has been known for its high nutritional value and medicinal value.It is believed to be very beneficial for vision, reducing the effects of poisoning, stopping hiccups, treating urinary system diseases, worm infections, nausea, vomiting, cleaning, wound healing and more healing properties.
Honey mainly contains carbohydrates, water, vitamins and minerals, including nicotine, b2, polyacid, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.Honey is also rich in enzymes, antioxidants and other plant nutrients.It also contains compounds and phenolic acids that act as antioxidants, clear and eliminate free radicals.
These antioxidants found in honey cause wounds --Therapeutic properties of honey.Because of its woundsHoney has been widely used for centuries as a preservative for treating ulcers, burns and wounds.Honey, because it contains glucose and fructose that attract moisture, absorbs moisture from the wound and dries it, thus inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi.
Secondly, an enzyme called glucose oxide was found in the raw honey, and if combined with water, it would produce hydrogen peroxide, a mild preservative beneficial to the drug.Vitamins, minerals and amino acids in honey make it an excellent beauty tool.It provides great nutritional value for the skin and hair, and if taken for a period of time, the effect will appear.
In fact, if used for a long time, it can help our skin to be brighter and help reduce wrinkles, thus making us look younger.Honey is also an excellent moisturizer and natural cleanser and is therefore widely used in wide skinCleansing recipe.It increases the exfoliation or renewal of skin cells, making the skin softer and younger.
Other complementary products of honey are royal jelly, propolis has been used as a mask in the beauty salon, and the price is high due to its effective effect on a more radiant skin.Due to the off-the-shelf availability of its carbohydrates, if you take honey before you exercise, it can provide instant energy and thus improve performance.If taken after the exercise program, it helps the muscles recover faster.
Honey also increases the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.Recent research results show that adding honey to dairy products such as yogurt can enhance the growth and vitality of probiotics.Other benefits of honey are its resistanceIt helps to treat the inflammatory reaction of sore throat.
Honey can be taken as in a tea spoon without the need to mix with water at any time in the morning or during the day.For me, I prefer to eat honey in the morning before breakfast and drinks, just like eating royal jelly and propolis.It gives me the energy for the whole day, royal jelly is a great beauty tool and propolis is also a good antioxidant.
After a short period of time, my skin color has improved a lot with the intake of honey, which prompted me to continue taking it because I know it also has a high antioxidant and healing capacity
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