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you are your biggest obstacle | warrior forum - the #1 ... - what is the best facial mask to make at home

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-29
you are your biggest obstacle | warrior forum - the #1 ...  -  what is the best facial mask to make at home
The biggest obstacle you will face is yourself.
This is not the way you use to make money.
Not missing tools.
This is not lack of training.
This is not lack of knowledge.
You can have everything.
You can get most of it for free.
Your biggest battle will be with yourself.
Hold on long after you have eaten enough.
Stand up again after your vefallen falls down.
Just to fall again
8 falls. Then get up 9.
To be honest, sometimes I get tired of sitting in front of the computer for hours in a row.
Yes, I did leave and go out and enjoy my life.
Actually a lot.
But working in front of a computer for a few hours a day can make you tired.
Especially if there is no money to "prove" that all your efforts are worth it.
But you have to be confident.
Even if your bank account is not where you want it.
Continue to block.
Keep doing something to get you one step closer to the life you want.
You are the only one who can make you live the life you want.
On the other hand, you are the only one who will get in the way too.
The biggest battle you will face is yourself.
To make it more difficult, you might be told by someone (family, friends) that you are crazy about "playing online.
People may belittle you and your dreams. That\'s ok.
They are ignorant.
They don't know better. Ignore them.
You must ignore them.
If you don't, their comments and opinions will start to affect you.
You can even start to believe them.
You might start thinking they're right.
You will start to explain to yourself why it is crazy to try to make money online.
"Maybe they are right, maybe I should give up ". STOP IT!
One of the worst things you can do is listen to people who don't know what they're talking about.
Let them think so.
You know better. You are here.
Whether you believe it or not, this is a huge improvement.
Because you know.
Consciousness is everything.
You know there's a better way.
Realize that there is a way to work from home and make money online.
Let others talk about your dreams as if they were just dreams.
In any case, most of them do so out of fear.
Part of them don't want you to succeed.
Because if you do, then they will look at their hearts and question their lives and choices.
It's easier for them to stay in the comfort zone.
But you are different.
You know, in order to achieve what you want in life, you have to leave your comfort zone.
Never forget this.
Embrace discomfort.
Learn to feel comfortable with discomfort.
The biggest battle will be yourself. And that\'s ok.
You know, sometimes you may not want to do something.
Or when you think "I will go tomorrow. \" Bulls**t.
Don't deceive yourself.
Tomorrow may never come
If so, you turn it off again.
Be aware of the fact that you are fighting yourself. It\'s normal. You\'re human.
You have to learn to deal with it and move forward.
Take some extra time to finish some work today.
I'm on the 5 th and my bed is calling my name.
But I want to finish this post. So here I am.
Self-discipline turned off the TV.
Instead, use this time to do some productive work. Today.
Sleep an extra hour.
Or get up early.
Use these extra hours to do more productive work.
Do whatever you have to do to get some productive work done.
The key words here are efficient.
Don't deceive yourself.
You know when you're wasting your time and when you're doing real work.
The battle will never end.
It will only become easier.
My actions are starting now.
You will succeed, right?
Of course you will!
Start today.
You just tell yourself that you will succeed anyway. So why wait?
See at the top.
"Because of the decision you made yesterday, where are you today ".
I have to sleep.
Until the next time. . -
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