ysl herb mint facial mask uplifting the senses with peppermint - selfgrowth.com

ysl herb mint facial mask uplifting the senses with peppermint - selfgrowth.com
Mint (Mentha x) began in the 18 th century.Become an important medicinal plant.It is used for intestinal pain, digestive problems and headaches.Mint tea is the most common way to treat using this herb.Mint can be used for many diseases including muscle cramps, colds, flu, menstrual cramps, toothache, poor tone, arthritis, asthma and fever.Mint essential oils can also be used for mental fatigue, depression, nervous tension, and shock.Inhalation of a drop of mint essential oil increases attention and memory.It can stimulate the brain to think clearly and eliminate inferiority.Since mint essential oil is a preservative, it helps to control bacteria on the skin.Very useful for motion sickness, nausea and migraine, and natural insect repellent.Mint has long been popular around the world for its unique flavor, essential oil and precious garden decoration.Mints are grown and wild all over the world, with more than 600 named species.Mint Sugar varies in size from very small, bright green Corsica mint to tall, fuzzy gray --Apple mint leaves.The Bible mentions that mints are a form of payment, placed on the floor of the synagogue, and later known in the Italian church as Erba Santa Maria;As a symbol of Roman hospitality, it is used to season wine and sauces;Used as a plant in the Middle Ages to cover up unpleasant smells;Native to Eurasia and Africa.Safety: Do not use undiluted ones and may cause irritation to sensitive skin.Mint today is still a very important essential oil that can be used to enhance your healthbeing.Mint stimulates, refreshes, cools, recovers and boosts body and mind.The fragrance is cool, clean, fresh and strong.Mint oil is extracted from the entire plant on the ground before flowering.Oil is extracted from fresh or partially dried plants by steam distillation with a yield of 0.1-1.0%.Perfect for refreshing tired feet.During the trip, sniff from a drop on a bottle or handkerchief to rejuvenate.A drop on the tongue is also a great breath freshener.Do not use mint at night as it may cause sleep disorders.A few non-Treatment uses are: drop a few drops on the rag and you will leave a fresh smell wherever you clean it.It works well as a room freshener and does not stain the carpet.In Greek mythology, the beautiful fairy Mentha is loved by Pluto.This angered Bruto's wife, Persephone, and she pushed fiercely to the ground.Pluto is still in love with Mintho, softening the spell by turning Mintho into aromatic Healing Herbal Mint to make her smell sweeter as she knows that people will appreciate her in the coming years.Mintho lost the beauty of the fairy as a plant, but her fresh and lovely scent continues to attract her.Did you know?a.At 1912, the taste of the first rescuer was mint.b.On 1927, in Vienna, Austria, a candy manufacturer named Edward House III developed a candy to cover up the bad smell of adult smokers.In fact, the target market marked as compressed breath mint candy consists of adult smokers.The original flavor of the candy that can still be bought today is mint.When marketers extract the first, middle and last letters of German words for Peppermint, Pfefferminz, they leave PEZ and the name is stuck as well.c.Researchers at the University of Cincinnati found that mint-smelling workers made 25% fewer mistakes than workers breathing ordinary air.d.Smelling a bit of mint may enhance your fitness habits and help your body work harder.A recent survey of athletes at a university in West Virginia shows that when athletes are exposed to the smell of mint, they run faster and do more exercise.So next time you exercise, try eating a little mint.
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