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Bamdal Series

Bamdal Series

Bamdal Series
  • Bamdal Series
  • Bamdal Series

Bamdal Series

NOX BELLCOW brand mainly focuses on producing facial treatment mask .
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NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics strives excellent quality by attaching great importance to details in the production of Facial Mask Manufacturer.NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics carefully selects quality raw materials. Production cost and product quality will be strictly controlled. This enables us to produce Facial Mask Manufacturer which is more competitive than other products in the industry. It has advantages in internal performance, price, and quality.
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Company Advantages
1. To ensure the quality and safety of NOX BELLCOW face mask for dry skin , the production process is constantly observed to ensure each of its ingredients does no harm to the end users.
2. Every piece of the product is strictly checked according to the international quality system.
3. The product directly contributes to improving productivity. Because it can work much faster than human and reduce errors, saving time for production.

Bamdal Series
Softening & Moisturizing Bamboo Fiber Mask

Bamdal Series-1

Natural Bamdal Fibers

Selected from bamboo pulp made of high-quality Yibin bamboo and yellow bamboo as raw materials, which have longer fiber length and better strength, lower the amount of useless cells and better filtration performance. Bamdal Fibers a new type of natural & comfortable fiber made by modal technology.

Production Process Flow Chart Of Bamdal Mask Cloth


Bamboo Pulp












Bamdal Fibers




Combing/ Webbing









Bamdal Series-2

Bamboo itself can help adjust sebum secretion and boost cuticle regeneration. Strong molecule structure of bamboo contributes to its excellent breathability. Under the temperature of 36°C and relative humidity of 100%, Moisture regain is over 45%, and breathability is  3.5times of that of cotton
Bamdal fibers own even and stable length, thin diameter, great wet strength and softness; besides, bamdal fibers have excellent abrasive resistance and dyeing behavior, which is better than normal fibers. The outstanding instant water absorption of bamdal fibers allow essence to be better absorbed in mask cloth, locking water and better moisturizing skins

Made from bamboo, which is clean and natural. Bamboo can be sustainably used and dissolved in soil, never causing environment pollution. Materials are from nature and can back to nature when worn-out, forming green biological chain that boost environmental protection and Ecological sustainable development.
Bamboo fiber products can proof, prevent and kill bacteria, which owes exactly to the special component “Zhu Kun”. *Observe with microscope, we can find that bacteria grows rapidly in fiber products such as cotton and wood, while die rapidly in bamboo fiber product. The death rate in 24hours is over 75.
Bamdal fibers own even and stable length, thin diameter, great wet strength and softness, besides, the instant water absorption ability  allow essence to be better absorbed in mask cloth, to closely fit and wrap face and help essence deep into skins.

Five Characteristics of Bamdal Mask Cloth

Natural Environmental NATURAL
Fungi-proof Antibacterial DEGERMING2
Soft Comfortable SOFT
Hydrophilic Moisturizing MOISTURIZE
Cleaning Breathable

Company Features
1. NOX BELLCOW brand mainly focuses on producing facial treatment mask .
2. It turns out that it is effective for NOX BELLCOW to introducing high-tech technology and advanced machines.
3. NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd adheres to the service concept and service mode of face mask for dry skin . Please contact us! mask for sensitive skin is our eternal tenet. Please contact us!
During the production of NOX BELLCOW mask for sensitive skin, it is manufactured under a reliable and safe environment. The treatment of glass is monitored closely to prevent any potential risks. It is usually used for high-speed trailers, ATVs, and so on
The production of NOX BELLCOW mask for sensitive skin is strictly controlled with necessary electrostatic protection, from the production environment and equipment to operation staff. It is also popular for its good compression load resistance performance
The body design of NOX BELLCOW mask for sensitive skin adopts aluminum alloy materials, which allows that it has a lightweight yet sturdy and robust construction. There won't be the problem of the flat tire
Each production step of NOX BELLCOW mask for sensitive skin is done via a rigorous process, from the mechanical process, the welding process, the spray painting process, and the fitting assembly. The product has a large loading capacity
During the design phase of NOX BELLCOW facial treatment mask, a CAD model is created to ensure the proper function of all materials, precision parts and lampshades. Its cushioning performance has helped it win a lot of popularity
The product is energy efficient. The energy-saving technology such as suppression surge technology can transfer nearly all of the energy in the motor to the device, which significantly reduces energy waste. It can adapt to complex road conditions
It shows durability and satisfactory wear performance thanks to its fiber sort and properties, yarn fabric and construction, and any chemical and/or mechanical treatment connected to it. The product has the advantage of strong tenacity
The product is innoxious. All of the chemical agents used in it such as dyestuff, fixing agent, sterilizing agent, etc. It can adapt to complex road conditions
The product has the advantage of strong electromagnetic compatibility. Having passed discharge tests and surge tests, it produces no intolerable electromagnetic interference to the environment. It has been tested multiple times to prove its great deformation recovery performance
The product stands out for its reliable electrical system. The system has been optimized to prevent power leakage and short circuit. It has a non-marking tread pattern, which ensures a safe interaction with multiple floor surfaces
The product is characterized by user-friendliness. It is created under the combined concepts of user comfort and easy maneuverability. It has been tested multiple times to prove its great deformation recovery performance
After years of improvement, the product is gaining more and more attention at home and abroad and has great commercial value. Its main materials contribute to its property of shock elimination
With so many remarkable advantages, the prospect of the product in the future market application is brilliant. This product is made to be very abrasion-proof
The product provides excellent performance to every application. It is highly recognized by its excellent anti-skid performance
The product is now widely available in a variety of industries and has a wide range of applications. It can be used on snowy and rainy days
The product is suitable for a wide range of applications and is widely used by people in all fields. Made of super soft compounds, it has a good grip over all kinds of terrain
The price of this product is quite competitive and is widely available in the market. It can resist low temperatures and high temperatures
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