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Beauty Flash
Beauty Flash
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Beauty Flash 

Brightening Skin with 3d Lighting Sense & Suppleness

Dull Skin is Quick to be Rescued

Skin Appears Supple & Glossy from Inside Out

Brilliancy Colour Litht Technology

Using the principle of light and rainbow colour to enhance  the skin glossiness!

Coated with different thickness of  coating on a smooth mica sheet;

and due to the various  thickness of the coating,

the absorption of seven colours of  light is different,

thus showing the colour and lustrous levels  we need.

The mica sheet does not absorb light in certain  thickness of coating that has been superimposed,

thus a  natural beautiful light pink colour is shown.

Dull skin would  transform into natural 3D glossiness and appeared supple;  like a teenage girl would have.

Keep Skin Moist,Baeutiful &  White from Inside Out

Dual Compound Ingredients Provide Double Moisturizing Effect


Amino acid complex

Provides moist and energy for  skin, increases flexibility and restores elasticity. The moisturizing effect is good.


Plant whitening complex

Plant whitening complex (white lilies, white  peony, white water lily), brightens skin; skin reaches its full glory.

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