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Can acne be cured by wiping your face with alcohol wipes?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-04-17

Alcohol wipes are usually a cleaning product that can be used often, but they are generally not used to wipe the face. What about using alcohol wipes?

1. What happens if you wipe your face with alcohol wipes?

Occasionally, it won’t be so.

Wipe your face with alcohol wipes, and once in a while, it has no effect on the facial skin. Although it has a certain stimulating effect on the skin, it basically does not cause harm and can also play thorough disinfection. Cleaning effect.

But for people with sensitive facial skin, if they consume alcohol wipes to wipe their faces, even if they are used once, they may cause facial skin to become sensitive.

The second is the long-term use of alcohol to wipe the face. It stimulates the facial skin for a long time, and the alcohol is volatile. First, it will cause facial skin sensitivity, and second, it will cause facial skin to appear dry, so long-term use of alcohol If you wipe your face with a wet wipe, it will still have a certain effect on the facial skin.

2. Can acne be cured by wiping the face with alcohol wipes?


Alcohol wipes on your face have no effect on acne. It is a cleaning and disinfection product, so it is not possible to use alcohol wipes to remove acne.

Moreover, there are many reasons for acne, which can be caused by endocrine disorders, and also caused by the secretion of body hormones, and the cause of acne formation is also caused by the imbalance of oil secretion.

So if the cause of acne is not solved fundamentally, it will not completely relieve the symptoms of acne, and the alcohol wipes can only play a certain cleaning and disinfection effect.

Also, it should be noted that alcohol wipes have a certain irritation. It is not advisable to stimulate acne too frequently, which may affect the recovery of acne.

3. What happens if I wipe the acne on my face with alcohol wipes?

If you use alcohol wipes to wipe the acne on your face scientifically, it can alleviate the inflammation, redness and swelling of the acne, and it has a certain cleaning and disinfecting effect on the acne.

But if the method used is wrong, it is also a kind of damage to the acne on the face, which may affect the recovery of the acne and cause serious symptoms of the acne on the face.

4. Can I eat directly by wiping my hands with alcohol wipes?


After you wipe your hands with alcohol, you can eat directly. It is very effective in cleaning and disinfecting your hands, and alcohol is also an extremely volatile ingredient. When you wipe your hands, it can volatilize part of it.

So basically there will be no residual alcohol on the hands, and at the same time it can ensure the hygiene of the hands, so you can eat directly by wiping your hands with alcohol wipes.

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